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Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the top questions we get from our buyers. Maybe what you're asking is here.

We’ve been rated by our customers time and time again as having the best documentation files on the Envato Marketplaces, we pride ourselves with that, so please read the documentation before asking for support. We’ll gladly answer if you do, but most likely your question is answered there!

We respond to all messages within 24 – 72 hours, depending if it’s a weekend or not. We’re human too and sometimes there are unforseen personal issues we all need to attend to. If we didn’t get back to you in that time please send us another message or leave an item comment. We never ignore you.

Of course! You never bother us, regardless how small your question is. Read the documentation, hit us with a message we’ll gladly help you get the most of our products features and intended purpose! Guaranteed

The items we have on sale are fully supported for their purpose on sale. If the item is a Site Template for example, we’ll provide you with all the support you need for that item. If you want to convert that item to an Application or a WordPress Theme, that is up to you as per Envato Terms of Service.

Of course we can, but those are not covered by the Envato support package. We can assist you with almost any feature you want if we’re not bundled with other customers in which case there will be a small delay, for a freelance fee discussed privately prior to starting work.

If you purchase any product for us that you intend to convert to an Application, Theme or anything that will end up being a paid service, paid app or have in-app paid features or charge the user to use it, you must purchase an extended license as per Envato Terms of service. Failing to do so will result in a DMCA to the designated user’s hosting service.

We’re proud to say we never had a complaint of item functionality and if one will ever happen for the purpose the item is on sale mentioned in the Item Title, we will GLADLY provide a refund. Please note, refunds that are noted as “mistaken purchases” will be rejected immediately. We have an item title, description, and item comment section to weed out these so called mistakes. Trying to receive a fraudulent refund will be report to Envato, which will result in an instant termination of your account, licenses and downloads.

We pride ourselves with that status, and we got there by treating our customers for the way they deserve, as human beings, as friend, someone who needs our help with a product that we build and stand behind. We didn’t reach Elite just for the quality of our items or for the number of sales we reached it because we love what we do, and we love helping our customers get the best out of our products!

Converting our items to apps using PhoneGap and Cordova is easy to do as long as one thing is meet. The minimum operating system requirements that are present on each item. These are essential for the functioning of the app. We test all our products prior to release on actual devices and we compile them as demo apps to check if they work. Only then we release them. So as long as your device is within the list mentioned in the item description, there’s nothing that can go wrong.

When asking for support you’ll be added to our New Item newsletter. We don’t spam, we don’t share lists, and we don’t send anything else other than new items! You can opt-out anytime! We’ll only send other messages in case a critical bug is found and patched!

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