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June 9, 2015

Thoughts on WWDC Apple 2015.

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So, Apple held their annual developer conference and as usual, people were waiting impatiently for release information about their new operating systems and the leaks that’ve been circulating around the inter-webs regarding Apple’s own Music Streaming service.

Apple Music.

Although I’ve never been a huge fan of streaming music from a service and much rather get all my songs in a playlist and listen to them on YouTube, the battle for music supremacy over streaming has begun.

First off, from my humble perspective, there was no battle to begin with, since Apple has been selling music via iTunes for a long time and they had their own Podcasting service as well, it was only a matter of time until they would pop the cherry and release their own streaming service, and frankly, I’m quite happy about this release considering they’ll be running their service for the same value as Google Music or Amazon for example, which is something that usually doesn’t happen in the world of Apple Products.

Credits: GeekWire

As you can see from the above graphic, Apple is stacking really close if not better than other competitors at the same price, and probably the best advantage to this will be that most likely carriers will start providing free data plans for streaming music ( shall we remember what happened when Apple released their first iPhone and literally killed all Carrier related junk on devices? )

So from our standpoint, a big thumbs up to Apple music, and we’re really curious to see if it wil stand up to the competition!

Watch OS 2.0

For me personally, the Apple Watch falls short of my expectations of a product from Apple, and if you take a look to the competition, their products somewhat are better than Apple’s watch for a great reason, simplicity. Being an Apple  / Android fan at the same time, and seeing how beautiful the 360 and the Galaxy Gear were I was expecting a masterpiece from Apple and they did fall very short of my expectations and everyone else’ and sadly, the Watch OS 2.0 is again more or less of a disappointment. We’re really hoping Apple will start connecting the watch to our devices in an easier and friendlier way, with less of a hassle to everyone, and honestly, this is why most people who wanted the watch didn’t get it in the first place. While it’s truly a personal device, it’s far to complicated and the battery life is far too short to even come close to a masterpiece.

iOS 9.0

Finally, something I can actually be really excited about. Apple has done some lovely polishes to the new OS and it’s really added some interesting features to it, but some funny … “flattering copies” as well.

Proactive Siri

The fact that Apple is starting to compete with Google Now should end up in a fierce battle, especially with the fresh new features added to Siri.

Siri’s getting a host of improvements, including increased accuracy, a new user interface and context-sensitive intelligence. Called Proactive Assistant, the contextual help will do stuff like bring up your running music when you plug in your headphones in the morning. Siri will also sport a new look that borrows the rainbow waveform at the bottom of the screen from the Apple Watch version.

Apple Flipboard … aaa … News!

New to iOS 9 is an app that replaces Newsstand. Apple has partnered with the titans of publishing to create beautiful content, rich typography and a Flipboard-style information flow. Publishers can create layouts that include images, galleries, and even videos. Partners include The New York Times (with 30 free articles daily), Vogue, Wired and Bon Appétit, and will roll out in the U.S., the U.K and Australia. The final note — even smaller publishers will be able to contribute, so we’ll see how that plays out.

iCloud Drive

Although we’ve been told we have a tone of space somewhere in the cloud that space was only reserved for system apps and app-store apps backups, but now, Apple is releasing iCloud Drive. A native app where you can access all the stuff you have on your cloud drive. It’s basically Dropbox but made naively for your iOS Device.

Credits: MacRumours

Keyboard Changes

There’s not much to talk about this new change, just to welcome a much needed change, which is the adding of a shift button. ( even if it’s been around for close to 3 decades ) it’s still a welcome change with access to some nifty shortcuts on your iDevice.

Credit: Macrumours

Battery Saving Mode

A very welcomed change that has been around on Androids ( on Samsung and HTC for sure ) for ages now, but hasn’t been added to iOS for some unknown reason.  Plunging your device into powersaving mode will reduce it’s power, kill off push for mail and kick the speeds of your connection but it promises to increase battery life if needed by quite some time!

Credit: MacRumours

Watch out Evernote, Notes is getting smarter!

The Notes app in my iDevice has always been a graveyard of “I should remember this, add it there, and forget it for a few weeks” but lately, it’s gotten some attention and I can’t help but notice the amazing facelift it’s gotten and a great reason to start using it again ( but I’m staring to ask myself why wasn’t reminders integrated with this )

Credit : Macrumours

You can see even more features release by Apple over here on Macroumours site, but we’ve just showed you some of the most important ones we consider will make a blast or are a total failure.

As much as I love Apple, sometimes I wonder if the saying “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” does apply anymore, since Apple has shown they can resurrect apps from the dead and at the same time give new meaning to old features, and I’m really hoping they will bring more awesome stuff to their Apple Watch, since it’s a great part of the ecosystem, and it would be a shame to see it as a dead product released and forgotten.

What do you guys think? Will iOS 9 be the crown jewel of Apple and most importantly, would you buy an Apple Watch at it’s current price if it would bring an all week battery life and more easier usage?

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