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October 4, 2016

Weekly offers – Get up to 50% discounts!

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You read it right! We can finally give promotional discounts to our products, and we decided to start it right away! Here’s what’s going to be included!

Where can I see the items in the offer?

Simply go to the Offers Page or Subscribe Below to get instant notifications of new item releases

What items will be included in the offer?

All of them! No item is safe! We’ll use to generate a random number from the total number of files we have on sale, that number will then be selected from our item list and voila! The item is selected!

What exactly will be the discount value?

The discount value is determined by a few parameters. Discounts will start from 30% (meaning, out of 14$ you’ll only pay 10$ ) and go all the way to 50% ( meaning out of 14$ you’ll only pay 7$ )

Do I still get support?

Yes you do! 6 months included as per Envato terms! In fact, nothing will change from the items value except for the price that will be discounted! You’ll get all the perks at a lower price!

How long will it last?

The promotion for a single item will last 24 hours! The weekly promotion will go on until we run out of files ( that will never happen ). Each week we’ll select one, two or more files to discount! You just have to subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated!

Are you ready? Join the newsletter!

Subscribe now and get instant weekly offer notifications! We’ll send one newsletter each week announcing the files or file! No files are excluded from special offers so you can get your hands on a great item with a special price each week with no strings attached! What are you waiting for? Get in our list and enjoy the discounted items!

*Don’t worry! We never spam or share your address with third parties!

Terms of Promotion Item Discounts

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