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Bootstrap 5 Mobile Kits & PWA - Collection

Bootstrap 5 is finally here and it is absolutely amazing! We’re excited to announce that we’ve started converting our files to include a Bootstrap 5 version. But the best news is that we also included the original Bootstrap 4.5 version to make sure we cover all your needs. What is the difference between Bootstrap 5 Mobile Kits & PWA and Bootstrap 4? Here’s the main difference

Bootstrap 5.x

  • Built Using VanillaJs
  • No jQuery Dependecy!

Bootstrap 4.5

  • Built Using jQuery
  • The Original Version of Items

1. Sticky Mobile

Our Best Selling Mobile Kit & PWA was the first to receive the update to Bootstrap 5. Sticky has caught the attention of thousands of customers in a very short period of time and we could’t be happier. 

It offers tons of features such as: Dark & Light Mode, 40+ Color Schemes, RTL, PWA, 100+ reusable components and over 215 ready to use page templates – making it the most complete Mobile Kit and PWA available on Envato Market!

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2. AppKit Mobile

AppKit is the latest file we’ve released and it’s skyrocketing! Hundreds of users take advantage of its powers and modern, cad based design. Simple, intuitive, yet powerful and suggestive, AppKit stand out from the crowd, being the perfect choice for your App, Mobile Website or PWA.

Tons of features are available for you: 160+ Page Templates, Light & Dark Mode, Footer and Sidebar Navigations, 100+ copy & paste components, RTL and PWA! Now also available in Bootstrap 5 and Bootstrap 4.5.

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3. Azures Mobile

A unique design perfect for any App, Mobile Website or PWA that wants to be easily recognisable! Azures provides a great design that can be easily customisable to match your brand and offer a seamless user experience.

Amazing features are available for Azures as well: PWA, RTL, Light & Dark Mode, Fixed Footer Menu & Sidebar Navigation, 100+ flexible Components and over 150 page templates! Just check it out and see for yourself.

Azures is now available only in Bootstrap 5.x! But don’t worry, it is still compatible with jQuery, so you can use it if you need it.

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4. Duo Mobile

One of the best sellers in our portfolio just got new amazing features and a two new versions: Bootstrap 4.x & Bootstrap 5.x! Now you can enjoy a sticky footer menu with a unique design and over 160 page templates.

Duo is a great choice for your next App or Mobile Website. It is PWA ready, RTL ready and provides over 100 components to help you build faster than ever. Check it out!

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5. Kolor Mobile

With 9 carefully crafted background gradients, a brand new footer menu and more than 130 page templates, Kolor is the best choice for your next Mobile Website, PWA or App. 

Kolor brings awesome features to make sure we meet all your needs: RTL ready, PWA ready, Bootstrap 5.x, Bootstrap 4.5, multiple navigation styles and a great dark interface! Check it out, save it to your homescreen and explore Kolor.

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6. Eazy Mobile

Eazy Mobile is a unique, professional and creative Mobile Website Template & PWA! With over 150 page templates included, 10 Color Schemes and top, bottom and modal navigations, Eazy is here to help you finish your projects faster than ever.

Built in two versions of Bootstrap: Bootstrap 5.x and Bootstrap 4.5, we aimed to create the easiest environment for customisation. Choose from over 100 components and create your own page by simply copying and pasting them as you want. Yes, it’s that Eazy!

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7. Brighten Mobile

A unique Mobile Kit & PWA to help you improve your online presence. Brighten provides a clean design, that allows your users to focus on your content. With seamless gradients and shadows as a signature look, your mobile website or app will truly stand our of the crowd!

Brighten comes in both light and dark mode, is PWA ready, RTL ready, provides dual sidebar menu layout and over 110 ready to use page templates! Now it is available only in Bootstrap 5, the possibilities are endless!

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8. Apptastic Mobile

Beautiful sliders, carousels and cards offer a unique beauty to Apptastic. One of the most perfect Mobile Kits & PWAs to be used for you app! All pages you need are already included, ready for you to insert your content and pictures.

Apptastic comes packed with over 125 ready to use page templates, dark & light mode, 6 highlight colors and it is also RTL ready! With its flexible navigations to choose from (modals, sidebars & footer menus), Apptastic is the perfect solution!

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9. Appeca Mobile

One of the most powerful Mobile Kits & PWAs available, Appeca is used by over 500 happy customers! Simple, yet extremely powerful, flexible and feature-filled, Appeca is dedicated to helping you build a strong mobile website or app.

All navigations you can think of are available, galleries & portfolios are here to help you showcase your beautiful work and 160 other amazing page templates for all needs. Appeca provides light & dark mode and is PWA ready!

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10. Bars Mobile

Bars is now a complete Web App Kit! We have implemented the latest technologies available to help your keep up with the latest online trends. Bars is now available in Bootstrap 5.x, built using Vanilla JS with no jQuery dependency.

Bars comes packed with over 135 page templates, multiple color highlights, light & dark mode and many more amazing features! Plus, it is PWA ready to make sure you check it out!

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