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Learning & Education Pack | Product Collection

Online education is extremely efficient and now you can do that with some of our products! We’ve implemented a series of very helpful pages and components, oriented into helping you create the best platform for learning or teaching! Let’s see what our products provide for you:

1.  Homepages

Homepages are designed for a great user interface. Based on Bootstrap, the customisation process is now easier than ever.

There are multiple options for your homepage in our items. They gather all the big components necessary to make it easier for your user to navigate your website once on it. Toped by a slider or a featured course and followed by a list of the featured courses, the main goal is to help you convert your users into customers.

You can opt for a great category component at the top on the page ( See Sticky Mobile ), to facilitate the experience for you users. This will help you integrate even more content by taking converting the disadvantages of a mobile screen size into a great and efficient design choice.

The components are complete, providing all the information needed to help you deliver your courses to the public. A great header that depicts the main topic of the courses stands above the number of chapters and the time required to complete the courses. On top of everything, you can easily add a suggestive background image for a better overall design on the page.

2. Course Pages

The Course Pages are of utmost importance. We’ve taken everything into consideration to create a non-intrusive, content based environment. Not too much information, but enough data space is made available to catch the users’ attention.

There are multiple course pages designs you can choose from in all our products. Each one dedicated for a special goal. However, you can easily add or retract components if you do not need them.

The pages are, of course, toped by the name of the chosen course. Followed by some additional information about it ( AppKit Course Page V1 ) and in some cases the Table of Contents (Sticky Course Page V1).

You can even provide your users with the possibility of tracking their progress. In some cases, the progress bar appears at the top of the page, in the main card, and for AppKit, we’ve implemented a separate page to help you track the progress for all courses you’re taking.

There are many more amazing components and many more options for this page. The components found in the Task Lists pages and ToDo Lists pages available in our products can make a great addition to your course page. Your imagination is the limit.

3. Subscriptions & Plans

Monetise your courses with an attractive interface. The conversion rate is higher when the user feels the complexity and professionalism of you bonded website pages.

You can use Actions to call for action or a dedicated page where you present all available plans. Our files provide ready to use pages or components that are extremely easy to modify and implement your content.

Sticky Mobile provides a dedicated page for subscriptions where the user can see all the details. From the type of subscription he/she chose and payment information to tax invoices for the current subscriptions. Everything is ready for you!

4. Actions

Actions & Action Sheets are available as well. They are a great way to deliver information only when needed without clogging up the page. Action such as “Subscription Required” or “Buy Now” can be found in some products such Sticky or can be created using the Action Sheets that can be found if you’ve chosen AppKit!

They are super useful and can be transformed into anything you need. Extremely easy to customise and add your content, you will finish your app or website in no time!

Featured Products!

1. Sticky Mobile

Our #1 Best Selling Mobile Kit on Envato Market provides a Complete Education Pack. Beside the Homepages, Course Pages, Table of Content and Subscription Plans, Sticky brings even more to the table:

  • Profile Page for Users
  • Course Actions
  • Course Rewards
  • Different Course Cards & Lists

Sticky is the most complete Mobile Kit available on Envato. It not only provides you with the best education pack, but it also comes with many other amazing features:

  • Progressive Web Application
  • Dark & Light Mode Available
  • Homepages & Navigations
  • Sticky Footer Menus
  • Tons of Components
  • Galleries & Portfolios

This is not all! In Sticky’s Pages you will also find other packs: Finance Pack & Commerce Pack!

View Sticky Mobile

2. AppKit Mobile

AppKit is one of the greatest items we have ever released. Our Latest item is packed with amazing features and capabilities. Based on the iOS card layout design with big headings for pages, it makes the perfect interface for an Education App.

AppKit stands our for its design and particular components and pages. In the Education Pack, you will also find some amazing components such as

  • ToDo List
  • Quiz Page
  • Modal Quiz
  • Knowledge Base

But AppKit is not dedicated to Education & Learning. The amount of ready to use pages it provides is out of this world. It can do anything you can think of. Let’s Dive in:

View AppKit Mobile