iOS 13 Enabled Compatibilities Dark Mode

iOS 13 Enabled Compatibilities | Dark Mode On!

There is no surprise that Apple has just made the biggest changes in the latest iOS they have just released. The ability to customise Memoji avatars, the announcement of the new iPadOs, portrait lightning for photos, rotating videos and many many more. However, one of the biggest and most waited announcement was introducing Dark Mode!

Dark Mode on the latest iOS looks absolutely amazing! The shades of Black chosen to build it are fabulous and the user interface is even better now.

All of the core apps such as the calendar, messages, music and photos come with dark backgrounds as the default version. You can enjoy the beta version of iOS 13 in July, however if you do have a developer account you can get started immediately!

What devices work with iOS 13?

For you to enjoy the beauty of iOS 13 you must have one of the following devices: iPhone 6s and newer, iPhone SE and the new iPod touch.

IOS 13 and Enabled Compatibilities

We know that you love a great dark mode in your website or app. This is why we started building our mobile templates and apps with this feature included. It requires only one switch to turn off the lights.

Here you have some of the best seller products that include the dark mode and that will work perfectly with the upcoming black version of iOS13.

DuoDrawer | Mobile Website, PWA & Hybrid App

Duo Drawer has just received an immense Upgrade! We have implemented a new design language and style and a PhoneGap & Cordova App Version. Most Noteworthy, now, Duo Drawer 2.0 is also PWA Ready. It will complement perfectly the overall iOS 13 new Dark Mode. 

Mobile Website Template & PWAPhoneGap & Cordova App

Asterial Mobile | Mobile Website & Hybrid App

Asterial Mobile is the latest Mobile Website we have built and it is a total monster. The capabilities and features it brings allows you to create the mobile website you have always desired. Moreover, we have optimised the code to the extreme and also created the PhoneGap & Cordova App Template for those who want an app!

Mobile Website TemplatePhoneGap & Cordova App

Brighten Mobile | Mobile Website & Hybrid App

Brighten is a clean and professional Mobile Website Template that will help you stand out of the crowd. Having over 100 pages and tons of components, you will be able to build the online branding for you business fast. However, if you like the design and want an app, you can see the PhoneGap & Cordova App Version below!

Mobile Website TemplatePhoneGap & Cordova App

Sticky Mobile | Mobile Website & Hybrid App

Sticky Mobile is the culmination of a footer menu navigation. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you want a mobile website or an app because we provide both version and we have implemented a carefully chosen shade of dark mode. Therefore, as an app, it will align perfectly with the default iOS 13 Dark Mode in Apple’s Apps!

Mobile Website TemplatePhoneGap & Cordova App

Eazy Mobile | Mobile Website & Hybrid App

Eazy Mobile’s Dark Mode comes with a sidebar navigation, having a drop of colour showing the selected menu that compliments perfectly the overall design of iOS 13 Dark Mode. Moreover, Eazy uses the iOS design language which will give you the seamless feeling of an iOS native app. Both version are available: Mobile Website or PhoneGap & Cordova App!

Mobile Website TemplatePhoneGap & Cordova App