iOS15 compatible pwas mobile site templates

iOS15 Compatible PWAs and Mobile Site Templates

iOS 15 has been officially announced during the WWDC21 and we’re excited to tell you that all our products are compatible with the latest iOS 15! Let’s dive a bit into the most noticeable changes in design and functionality Apple brought us this year and see some iOS 15 compatible PWA s, UI Kits and Mobile Site Templates.

We already installed the first developer beta and tested the PWA functionality and code for all our products, new and old. We found that they perform flawlessly, with the new design of Safari not affecting the current design of our products! ( even if it did, we’d update it before you could say update) 

What’s New?

iOS15 brought tons of new features and improvements on FaceTime, Notifications, Adio, Messages, Memojis, Live Text, Photos and many more! You can check the entire iOS update announcement on Apple’s Website here. 

However, we’ll emphasise the improvements made in relations to our products and show you which are the best PWAs and mobile site templates for iOS15:

Apple’s iOS designs always included rounded cards. From widgets to app icons, rounded corners were always set to bring the modern feel into the user experience. BUT, one major change that creative an even more cohesive look over the entire iOS experience, was the implementation of card based layout or inset cells and tables in the Settings part of the operating system.

In iOS14 we were used to seeing the classic edge to edge design on lists, which led to a bit of a robust look over the settings area. It is clear that that part of the iOS was built with a functional design in mind and not meant to have an appealing look while changing your preferences.

Now, this has changed. And we cannot be happier! Who says functionality cannot look good? Until the WWDC21 Apple did, but not anymore. They managed to combine functionality with an eye candy design. 

What’s even better is that now, some of our products match PERFECTLY the new iOS feel. Let’s see some of them:

The Best iOS15 Compatible PWAs and Mobile Site Templates

Here are the best Mobile PWAs and Mobile Site Templates you will ever find! Choose your favourite and tell us in the comments which one do you think is a great match for the new iOS15?

Sticky Mobile – The Best Seller

Sticky is the Best Selling Mobile Kit & PWA on Envato and now we know why – it was ahead of its time, by over 2 years! We have created a full comparison with Sticky and the latest iOS15 earlier, you can see it here.

However, all rumours are true now and we can see all the similarities even better. But why does that matter, you may ask? Well, because you, or your website/PWA users can save Sticky (or a mobile website created using Sticky) on their mobile device’s home screen and interact with it as a PWA!

While the PWA functionality is not new to Sticky, the most important aspect is that Sticky will match perfectly the iOS design and will offer the users a seamless experience while navigating between the native iOS apps or Settings and your website created with Sticky.

Simply amazing.

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AppKit Mobile – The Rising Star

AppKit brings a new definition to the word “Modern design”. Its comes with an amazing footer menu that has a glass effect, which matches amazingly with the iOS15. Plus, AppKit provides a great rounded cards design and powerful sliders to make sure we meed all your needs.

Big page titles that lay directly on the body differentiate themselves from the main cards, just like iOS. Focused on content, AppKit provides the best balance between a great, modern design and functionality.

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Azures Mobile – The Creative One

Azures is created for creatives. Want to stand out of the crowd? Azures is for you. Highly brand-able, Azures lets you express you business’ personality through color highlights, shapes and structure like no other.

Azures provides a great header with an isolated title for pages and an avatar that match perfectly the new iOS15. It’s simply amazing. The icons bring a new personal touch on the footer menu and the highlight colours change the entire user interface with one tap.

With a great attention to details, Azures is made to emphasise your content through its structured cards, just like the new iOS15. Just take a look!

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