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Another amazing implementation of one of our items is here on Made with Enabled: AnonyChat, a chat based platform created using none other than our rising star – AppKit Mobile! Let’s see a bit of the amazing work the team at AnonyChat did with AppKit:

AnonyChat | Made With Enabled

The platform uses AppKit’s dark mode as a default theme, which makes every picture and element pop-up and stand out. Big headings, sliders and images are also used to emphasise what truly maters. Take a look below to how AppKit was transformed into AnonyChat:

When you first enter the platform, you’re greeted with an amazing walkthrough, created using AppKit’s ready to use walkthrough page templates. With expressive images as backgrounds, huge titles and call to actions, these walkthroughs turned out amazing!

The sidebar is one of the most amazing elements in AppKit – topped by a suggestive picture, they combined AppKit’s gradient style perfectly with their own! The sidebar’s header highlights the name of the platform and their slogan. A List of links is created below to help people navigate through AnonyChat easily, using AppKit’s gradient boxed icons. All this lays on a modern, glass effect based sidebar navigation:

The Footer Menu is integrated to offer quick access to the most important features of the platform. In the middle, you’ll find the intro, which is built using the walkthrough pages mentioned above. On the right side of the Intro, there are two more icons that lead to the Profile Page and the Discover feed. On the left side, there can be found the Messages and the Home page.

We absolutely love seeing our items used out there in the real world! Seeing your vision and how you use all features and pages makes us create even more amazing products while making sure we cover all your needs. 

Do you want to be part of our Made with Enabled series? Send us a message via and we’ll get in touch with you!

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