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We are extremely proud to be part of the development process of an online active center! Why? Well because we are extremely devoted to having a healthy and active lifestyle. Therefore, in this article of Made with Enabled, we present you: Kundenwelt – an online Active Center Powered by Herbalife Nutrition!

Moreover, having to work so much in an office and sitting all day in a chair really gets to you after a while. Therefore, it is just natural to be excited when we see one of our products being used to motivate people in living a healthy and nutritious life.

Earlier this year, we have been contacted by Markus Oberhofer, who is a personal Wellness-Coach. He had some support questions and we gladly helped him in solving the problems with the website.

Markus created an online active centre that helps people develop and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The platform contains a lifestyle program, goals, tracks for your achievements’ evolution and even recipes for some healthy dishes!

The website has them all | Made with Enabled Herbalife

Markus has used Eazy Mobile, one of our most loved mobile website template. We are thrilled to see Eazy Mobile being powered by Herbalife Nutrition and most importantly, being used to help people.

Consequently, Active Center | Kundenwelt uses the green theme colour Eazy provides and many more components. Some of them are caption boxes, timeline page, contact page, profile page, video embeds, image carousels, columns, FAQ page and many many more!

All we want to say is that we are delighted to see Eazy Mobile being used at its highest! Moreover, we want to congratulate Markus and Herbalife Nutrition for dedicating their energy to improve people’s lifestyles!

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