Vischl App

The best thing in doing our jobs is to see the creative outcome of our customers using one of our products. And for this “Made with Enabled” we’re presenting an amazing app with an even more amazing purpose!

Vischl App | Made With Enabled

Meet Vischl, a Progressive Web App created by a non-profit organization – Vischl® Magyar Vizsla Social Club –  which means to give proper care and help for the dogs in need! They work with other organisations and foster homes to make sure they provide the best treatments for the Hungarian hunting dog breed ” Magyar Viszla”  and their mixes.

How cool is that to see that one of your products is used to help save dogs?! Now that we’re done with the necessary excitement let’s see their product in action!

Vischl App

Vischl is created based on Brighten Mobile, which very recently has been upgraded to being a Progressive Web App.

The homepage of Vischl is simple, yet very suggestive, including a small menu that sends you to different pages of interest, toped with a slider displaying pictures of cute and lovely dogs!

The navigation is based on the left sidebar, starting with another cute dog at the top and followed by the integration of social media channels of the organisation.

On the top of the page, Vischl presents a small menu, having the logo on the left side and three big icons on he right:

– Settings: which opens a pop-up settings menu where you can change the highlight colours and turn on the dark mode, presented exactly as you find it in Brighten.

– Contact: the icon opens up a right sidebar menu containing three different ways you can get in contact with the organisation and their main social media channels.

– Menu: a big hamburger icon which opens the left sidebar menu to create a non-intrusive environment for the users.

Vischl uses the PWA capabilities of Brighten and maintained the unique fade effect on the sliders and pictures at the top of every page and in the sidebars.

Brighten Mobile

Brighten Mobile brings a tone of features including being a PWA, Dark Mode, Multi-Purpose Homepages, Countless Components and flexible navigation menu and settings menu.

The best thing about this app is that it maintains the flexibility brighten brings: for example: let’s say that you love pink more that blue. With only two taps, you can change the highlight colour and personalise it as you wish!

Although the app doesn’t contain as many pages as Brighten provides, or it has a different approach on styling certain components, we definitely love seeing how our products are approached by customers. Below, you can see a comparison between the components and pages from Brighten and Vischl App.


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