Welcome to Appeca

This is the documentation for Appeca. Please read the chapters in the ordered presented below. Appeca is the most flexbile and powereful mobile template on ThemeForest, there is nothing that even comes remotely close to the power, flexibility and loading speed of our product, but for that we wrote an amazing documentation to help you easily customize everythign Appeca has to offer. Almost every element is copy & paste ready, but there are a few things to know, that's why we strongly recommend reading the documentation file.

01. Structure & Menu

This documentation will teach you how to create a new page, and follow the correct stucture, and how our menu system works.

Read Structure Documentation

02. Features & Components

This docuemntation will show you every copy paste feature we have in the product, that you can just add to any page you require it.

Read Features & Components Documentation

03. Pages & PageApps

There are a tone of awesome pages in our pack, some may require a bit of playing around to get your style in place, like the walkthroughs and cover slider. This will explain it all.

Read Pages and PageApps Documentation

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Is there something you don't understand? Encountering a bug? We're here to solve it for you in a heartbeat. Just open a ticket and we'll do the rest.

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