Google AMP made a great climb in 2017 and we are front-line in the development of awesome Google AMP Templates to speed up your mobile page. We’re continuously building new AMP Templates, but here are the best products of 2017.

Each item shown here comes with 2 versions included. An HTML version, with the style added inside each HTML file as requested by Google AMP to validate. And also a custom built PHP version, that uses the same old classic HTML code for elements and a few tricks we added to obtain a single editable CSS file. Hence, you’re basically editing your page just like you would a regular HTML file. You have a single stylesheet for extreme ease of use, and, the best part, it’s all Google AMP Valid! Most noteworthy, all items presented below come with over 40 pages for your choosing!


It’s featured by the Envato Marketplaces as being the best Google AMP Product you can get. AMP Pro features 3 amazing navigations built purely with CSS3. Because AMP Doesn’t allow the use of JS, creating custom built navigations is quite dificult. Yet AMP PRO has 3 awesome menus, a Header Dropdown, a Modal Menu and a Sidebar Menu. All nicely animated an incredibly easy to use.

Download AMP Pro

AMP Cards

AMP Cards features a beautiful and simple card like design, including a colorful interface and amazing features that are easy to use. Moreover, it features a custom built sidebar navigation that creates a gorgeously smooth transition when opening and closing. This is something unobtainable with the default AMP Sidebar Plugin.

Download AMP Cards

AMP Drawer

AMP Drawer joins the Custom Sidebar Design of our collection with a perspective effect built entirely using CSS3. It’s simple to use, fast to load and packed with beautiful features.

Download AMP Drawer

AMP Insta

We built AMP Insta around the concept of instant navigation. Just tap one of the menu items at the bottom of your screen, place conveniently at your finger tips, and you’re directly sent to the page of your desire. AMP Insta is feature filled and has an amazing 50 pages to choose from.

Download AMP Insta

AMP Yummy

Designed and built for restaurants to give you a higher ranking in search results and an instant delivery of content. Hence, our product is perfect for restaurants since visitors can access your menu in a heartbeat.

Download AMP Yummy

AMP Home

AMP Home has a unique design by providing 6 unique landing pages with gorgeous thumbnails. They directly send you to the page of your choosing. Fast, easy and efficient and  an absolutely gorgeous user interface.

Download AMP Home

AMP Material

Combining 2 amazing Google Products, Material Design and the AMP Project to obtain a beautiful user interface. Moreover, it is combined with an absolutely insane loading speed. Hence, AMP Material is the way to go when you love Material Design and you want your page to be blazing fast.

Download AMP Material

These are the best products built with Google AMP in 2017. We’re looking forward to a Creative and Awesome 2018 and we’re very curious to see if Google will lessen their restrictions of JavaScript. It will empower us to create even more amazing and more powerful AMP Templates, with the same classic simple to use and friendly code.

Did we skip a file? Let us know in the comment section below!

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