About a year ago we released our last WordPress theme, to research and find the best WordPress solution, and now, we’re happy to say we’ve found it and we’re currently working around the clock to bring you our entire portfolio in WordPress.

The Partnership.

We’ve search long and wide for the perfect WordPress developer, with the same love for code, the same love and dedication to customers and the best developer to obtain Themes that are not only easy to use but are written like poetry. Easy to use, fast to load, performance enhanced, and the most important factor, to easily merge with your desktop theme, providing you a richer, better experience for your mobile device. Therefore, we partnered up with Webbu. An absolutely exquisitely Talented Developer, Elite Author and an author that has the same dedication and love towards our buyers.


The Products.

As the lead developer of the Mobile Niche on ThemeForest ( yours truly ) the decision to insert a new member was hard, and after seeing the quality code that Webbu can make, we decided to up the game and bring something to the world that was only limited to responsive, sluggish designs. We can’t help but agree that WordPress Desktop Themes do provide an amazingly beautiful admin panel, but when it came to mobile loading times, performance, design quality, the results we always saw and most likely you always see are horrendous. Therefore, with a vision in mind, Webbu produced the best and most amazing admin panel for a Mobile Theme you’ve ever seen.


The Features

It’s much easier to make a huge list of the things our WordPress Mobile Themes will be capable.

  • Theme Switcher Mode
  • iOS WebApp
  • Retina Support
  • Shortcut Icon
  • Custom CSS Settings
  • Load Animations
  • Load Logos
  • Loading Text
  • Background Color
  • Preload Image
  • Menu Logo
  • Menu Measurements Edits
  • Dual Sidebar Settings
  • Full Sidebar Customizer
  • Full Content Customizer
  • Add To HomeScreen Bubble
  • A toooone of awesome shortcodes.
  • Editor in KitchenSink

Now, if these settings seem small to you, here’s a great way to enhance it for you. Every feature we’ve mentioned above allows absolutely full and complete customization. This will give you the biggest flexibility of any WordPress Mobile Theme you’ve ever laid your hands on.


The Performance.

When we partnered with Webbu our main concern was that WordPress is a heavy platform, and sometimes the performance of many themes is greatly affected due to the tones of features that get added to it, but we’re pleased to announce, that our products load just as fast as before, meaning, instantly!


The First Item

Our first item will be released this month, and it will be ProMobile, an absolute best seller and a requested product time and again. The next? We’ll, it’s easy to find out! Subscribe below and keep in touch with our products, releases, discounts and more. Also, be sure to give Webbu’s Portfolio a visit. He’s Mobile products are few, but when it comes to WordPress, this guy writes poetry!