Go Mobile in 3 Easy Steps

We know that not all our customers are tech geniuses, some are just regular folks ( and we love you too ) that want their page to look gorgeous on their mobile device! We think of you the most when we build our products! Our code handles what you don’t even need to know! No fuss, no overly complicated coding, nothing fancy! Just simplicity at it’s finest!

1. Read

Simply read the provided documentation. Filled with code snippets and explanations so you will become a master of now, your product!

2. Copy & Paste

It’s just copy and paste! Copy features from the documentation or the provided templates into yours to obtain the pages and features you need and want!

3. Publish

You are done! That’s it! Upload it to your server! It’s time to go ahead and touch your page! It’s that simple! It’s just reading, copying, pasting and publishing!

Incredibly Compatible & Blazing Fast **

We’re fully compatible with ALL mobile operating systems, and fully compatible with PhoneGap, Cordova, WordPress or Joomla. So if you want to convert them, there is nothing standing in your way! Can so many features be fast as well? Yes! In fact, we have the courage to say our products provide the fastest load time of any Mobile and Tablet Site Templates in the world! We’re loading on an average 350% faster than our competitors!

96/100 UI Score

Enabled – Sidebars 3D

81/100 UI Score

Google AMP Competitor Item

75/100 UI Score

Framework 7 Competitor Item

54/100 UI Score

jQuery Mobile Competitor Item

Seconds Taken To Show The Hompage. Lower Time is Better, Bigger UI Score is Better. Calculated using 1 Item from Each Competitor and Loaded on the Presented Homepage

Everything is here for you, just a copy and paste away.

It’s hard to come by a page that has all the features you need, especially since most of them are bloated and end up causing you precious seconds in loading time! We thought of that, and optimized our code to perfection. You get all the features you’ll ever need at absolutely no cost to your load speed or page performance!

  • Preloaded Pages
  • Multiple screen optimization
  • iOS WebApp Ready!
  • Contact form with validation
  • Touch Swipe image slider!
  • Colorbox image gallery!
  • Photoswipe touch image gallery!
  • Retina graphic elements
  • 800 icons availalble!
  • 40 icon lists availalble!
  • Google fonts integration!
  • Thoroughly documented
  • Loading speed optimized
  • SEO ready!
  • CSS3 Text Highlights
  • CSS3 Dropcaps Text Style!
  • CSS3 Table!
  • CSS3 Pure Buttons
  • CSS3 Minimal Buttons
  • CSS3 Divider
  • CSS3 Notification Boxes
  • CSS3 Border Decorations
  • CSS3 Text Shadows
  • CSS3 Box Shadows
  • CSS3 Contact Form Fileds
  • CSS3 Page Decorations
  • CSS3 RGBA Caption Boxes
  • CSS3 Header / Elements / Boxes
  • jQuery UI Animation Pack
  • jQuery to CSS3 Optimized Transitions
  • jQuery & CSS3 Page Loader With Fade
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Navigation
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Contact Form
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Notifications
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Gallery
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Image Slider
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Back to Top
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Toggles
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated DropDown
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Privacy Box
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Check boxes
  • jQuery & CSS3 Animated Radio boxes.

Site Pages *

The most important aspect of page beside features that you can copy and paste are pages, but most websites have the obnoxious style of wrecking a page style by removing the things that make it great! We don’t destroy the aspect of pages, we simplify them and keep their beauty and functionality intact!

  • Error Page ( 404 Page )
  • Coming Soon Page ( Countdown Page )
  • Login ( Sign In + Social Icons )
  • Register ( Sign Up + Social Icons )
  • Reviews ( Blockquotes and Quotes )
  • Sitemap ( See all the Site Links )
  • Profile Page ( For User Profiles )
  • Timeline Page ( For Vertical Content )
  • Pricing Table ( Pricing Offers )
  • System Status ( Activity Page )
  • Video Pages ( Video Portfolio Embeds )
  • Contact Page ( AJAX + PHP + Validation Form )

AppStyled Pages *

Applications having amazing styles for simple pages, and it’s incredibly beautiful to find a way to integrate application style in page styles. We worked hard to obtain this style, and create a beautiful integration between Application Pages and Site Pages, therefore AppStyled was created

  • Chat ( Chat Bubbles like Messages )
  • Error ( 404 Page )
  • Soon ( Countdown Page)
  • Login ( Sign in + Social Icons )
  • Register ( Sign Up + Social Icons )
  • Tasklist ( Display Tasks Pending and Complete )
  • Checklist ( Display Checklist Items and Cross Them Out )
  • Interests ( Select Your Interests )
  • Calendar ( Calendar App Designed Page )
  • Coverpage ( Full Screen Images Slider with Captions )
  • User Lists ( List of Users with Icons and Contact Info )
  • Map ( Full Screen Map with Swipe Browsing )

Media Pages *

Media Pages are incredible and beautifully crafted to take advantage of your screen and most important your finger tips! Galleries and Portfolios are essential to create a gorgeous design, gorgeous interface and reliable way to showcase you work.


  • Rounded
  • Squared
  • Blocks
  • Adaptive
  • Collections


  • One Column
  • Two Columns
  • Fluid Columns
  • Cards Items
  • Adaptive Items

Store, News, Blog Templates *

Many of customers rely or convert our products to their own custom built CMS’ or WordPress Themes or Joomla or actually anything. Therefore we’ve created a beautiful set of pages designed specifically to suit their needs. News Pages, Store Pages and Blog Pages.

Store Page Templates

  • Store Fronts / Homepages ( 2 Styles )
  • Store Coverpages
  • Store Cart ( 2 Styles )
  • Store Product ( 2 Styles )
  • Store Invoice
  • Store Checkout
  • Store Locations
  • Store History

News Page Templates

  • News Fronts / Homepages ( 2 Styles )
  • News Coverpages
  • News Cards
  • News Thumbs
  • News Posts
  • News List ( 3 Styles )
  • News Post ( 3 Styles )
  • News Archive

MobileUI Page Templates *

For our customers that convert items to an application, we provide you with the best feature possible. MobileUI Pages. These are HTML, CSS designed elements that you can connect to your app using the awesome native connections that can be made from PhoneGap and Cordova!

  • Music Player Interfaces
  • Full Screen Music Player
  • Video Player Interfaces
  • Weather Interfaces
  • Dialpad Interface
  • Messages Interface
  • Lockscreen Interface
  • Homescreen Interface

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** Load times may vary depending to the amount of content you use in your item. We tested our speeds and our competitors speeds on their and our classic homepage and feature pages that use about 7 – 15 optimized images, text content, javascript, and image sliders. To assure maximum loading times please contact us for optimization tips or optimize the item yourself using tinypng.com , jscompress.com , csscompressor.com

* Site Pages, AppStyled Pages, Media Pages, Stpre, News, Blog Templates, MobileUI Pages, may differ from item to item or may not exist at all for certain items, please check individual items for their features prior to purchasing. Some features from this list may not be present in all of our products.