best google amp templates

The Best 15+ Premium Google AMP Templates

15 Reasons to Go AMP Now! We would love to introduce you to the best Google AMP Templates! Give a chance to the AMP technology! The advantages are numerous! Rank higher in search results and give your site a great facelift!

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best mobile templates

The Best 15+ Premium Mobile Site Templates

Isn't it hard to find the perfect mobile template for your site? Maybe some of them contain difficult code, or others have some tiny but annoying bugs, or maybe they have an outdated design. We've got you covered! Check out our list and decide for yourself which one suits your needs best!

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phonegap & cordova app templates

The Best 15 PhoneGap & Cordova App Templates

The Best PhoneGap & Cordova Hybrid App Templates Dive into our immense variety of great PhoneGap & Cordova Hybrid App Templates and choose for yourself! Therefore, in the list below you will find over 15 incredibly crafted app templates ready to be used.

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front-end checklist

Front-End Checklist – Great Tool for Developers

The first impression matters. Moreover it starts the way a relationship or conversation goes. It applies to websites too. And it's the front-end developer's job to create the best first impact to the users. Check out the amazing Front-end checklist!

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amp freebie subscription form

Freebie: Google AMP MailChimp Subscription Form

Wouldn't be amazing if you could find the perfect working, AMP valid subscription form for your AMP products? AMP is a great way of building websites, it is fast and reliable. So, as the saying goes, sharing is caring, down below you have a great option for your AMP Valid MailChimp Subscription Form. Check it out!

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Line Awesome – The Perfect Font Awesome

Line Awesome - How Font Awesome Should Look Like. Thin and elegant, best suitable for modern design. Use it and abuse it because Icons8 give that to you for free - make sure you read the "Good Guy Licence" tho. Have fun and enjoy!

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design tools design project

Best 15 Free Design Tools for Your Next Project

Free design tools to make your design project come to life! Beginner or not, creating something beautiful, worth showing to the world and worth selling to the customers can be expensive. There are a tone of great tools online and they would help you a lot. But what if you're on a budget?

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best code editors for web developers

The Best Code Editors for Web Developers

Working as a Web Developer can be fulfilling. However, as every job on our dear planet Earth, web developers need proper tools! Quality doesn't necessary comes from the tools we use, yet they make our jobs much easier. There is no need to complicate our already complicated lives.

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Resepina | Premium Mobile & AMP Site Template

Resepina just received an awesome facelift. It is a truly simple, but creative design ready to change the way your website looks. We've updated the code to run the latest jQuery, HTML and CSS3 and now we've also included a Google AMP edition.

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google secure

Goodbye “Secure” URL Label – Chrome is killing it!

The upcoming version of Google Chrome will focus on highlighting the negative security indicators instead of showing the well known ‘Secure’ label in the address bar. The reason is simple. Google wants the default state to be secure.

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