mobile website templates

The Best 15+ Mobile Website Templates

Isn't it hard to find the perfect mobile template for your site? Maybe some of them contain difficult code, or others have some tiny but annoying bugs, or maybe they have an outdated design. We've got you covered! Check out our list and decide for yourself which one suits your needs best!

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apptastic mobile 3.0

Apptastic Mobile 3.0 | Bootstrap Mobile Kit & PWA

Based on the latest generation of Bootstrap, Apptastic provides PWA capabilities, Light & Dark Modes and is RTL Ready. Check out below all the amazing features it comes packed with!

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Eazy Mobile 3.0

Eazy Mobile 3.0 | Mobile Kit & PWA

An easy way to create the best mobile website, app or PWA! Eazy Mobile 3.0 is a complete mobile kit more powerful and flexible than ever before!

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tempus xr irllab

Made with Enabled | Tempus XR IRLLab

Another amazing implementation of one of our products hits the "Made with Enabled" list! This time, we see the vision of IRLLab and how they used our #1 Best Selling Mobile Kit & PWA, Sticky Mobile, to create an amazing augmented reality based app. How cool is that!

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Sticky Mobile Task Management Pages

Sticky Mobile – New Task Management Pages

Sticky has received another update! The 3.5 version brings along the Task Management Pages! A great way to keep track of your project and teams, perfectly suitable for an organising app that allows you to assign tasks, set priorities, have a chat, send attachments and more.

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finance packs

Finance Packs | Mobile Kits & PWA

If you are a developer, a business owner or an entrepreneur who want to join the finance industry, we've prepared some awesome finance packs in our items that can help you create a complete app, website or PWA. A list of our products that provide finance packs!

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ios 14 Enabled

iOS 14 and Enabled Compatibilities

Another year, another iOS update! Apple has released iOS 14 and we're happy to announce that our products are fully compatible, without any additional need for any modifications.

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education learning mobile kits pwa

Education & Learning Pack | Mobile Kits & PWA

Learning & Education Packs are now available in our Mobile Kits & PWAs! Full of components, features and ready to use pages, all you have to do is insert your content. You can even convert them to a CMS if needed! Check out the list of products that provide an education & learning pack!

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AppKit Mobile

App Kit Mobile | Bootstrap Based Mobile Kit

Meet AppKit - The Newest Interface for Web. A Complex Kit that will help you create the best Mobile Website or App. AppKit comes Packed with tons of features and countless components, so make sure you check it out below!

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foldable phones mobile websites

Foldable Phones | All About Mobile Websites

Foldable phones are not a new concept on the market. But what about creating websites for them? Let's see why "responsive" is not the solution and which is the best option available!

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Azures 2.0 | Boostrap 4.x Mobile Kit & PWA

Azures Mobile 2.0 is now Powered by Bootstrap! We took Azures to another performance level and included some additional features you will absolutely love. The Fastest Rising Start on Envato Market is now better than ever: supporting RTL, PWA, Auto Dark Mode and many many more!

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