mobile website templates

The Best 15+ Mobile Website Templates

Isn't it hard to find the perfect mobile template for your site? Maybe some of them contain difficult code, or others have some tiny but annoying bugs, or maybe they have an outdated design. We've got you covered! Check out our list and decide for yourself which one suits your needs best!

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detect mobile os change css or javascript

Detect Mobile OS and Change CSS or JavaScript accordingly

Detect Mobile OS and Change CSS or JavaScript based on them! It's never been easier. This method doesn't require any resource hungry plugin that bulks up your site. Check it out and give it a shot!

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best mobile products of 2020

Best Mobile Products of 2020 – Mobile Kits, PWAs & Cordova Apps

Every year we create a list of the best items, either they are Mobile Templates, PWAs or PhoneGap & Cordova Apps, we include them all. Therefore, we present you the Best Mobile Products of 2020!

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apptastic mobile 3.0

Apptastic Mobile 3.0 | Bootstrap Mobile Kit & PWA

Based on the latest generation of Bootstrap, Apptastic provides PWA capabilities, Light & Dark Modes and is RTL Ready. Check out below all the amazing features it comes packed with!

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