best mobile templates

The Best 15+ Mobile Website Templates

Isn't it hard to find the perfect mobile template for your site? Maybe some of them contain difficult code, or others have some tiny but annoying bugs, or maybe they have an outdated design. We've got you covered! Check out our list and decide for yourself which one suits your needs best!

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online tools for image processing

Online Tools For Image Processing | Enabled

As a Web Developer, Business Owner or any person that has an online presence, image processing and optimisation is crucial. Therefore, we have decided to share some of the best online tools so you can make your job a lot easier.

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web design affects SEO

How Web Design Affects the SEO Process

How Web Design Affects SEO? Why should a developer always keep in touch with the marketer, they have two different jobs anyway, right? No. We'll take a look at some of the aspects two completely different worlds share an explain how they cannot possibly work one without the other.

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how to setup your html mobile website

How to Setup Your HTML Mobile Website | 3 Steps Guide

In this step by step guide, we will walk you through the experience you will have if working with us, and most importantly, we'll explain each step you need to follow in order to have the best mobile website in your industry! Here are three easy steps on how to setup your HTML mobile website!

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duodrawer 2.0

DuoDrawer 2.0 | The Ultimate Web App Kit

Duo Drawer helped over 700 people get their brand new mobile website going. Now, we have given it a full makeover, including some of the most requested features such as PWA and a PhoneGap & Cordova App Template in the same pack with the mobile template. Be one of the 700 happy customers who chose DuoDrawer 2.0 | The Ultimate Web App Kit !

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iOS 13 Enabled Compatibilities Dark Mode

iOS 13 Enabled Compatibilities | Dark Mode On!

Dark Mode on the latest iOS looks absolutely amazing! The shades of Black chosen to build it are fabulous and the user interface is even better now. And Enabled Products go hand in hand perfectly with it!

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google mobile first indexing as default for new domains

Mobile first indexing is now used as default for all new domains Google Announced

A big step forward has been announced by Google last days: Mobile first indexing is now used as default for all new domains! What does that mean? Well, it means that it is definitely time for you to set up your mobile website ASAP. Let's get a bit into what that means technically, the journey up until this point and how you can keep up with the latest trend to develop your online business.

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made with enabled herbalife

Made with Enabled | Herbalife Nutrition – Kundenwelt Active Center

Having to work so much in an office and sitting all day in a chair really gets to you after a while. It is just natural to be excited when we see one of our products being used to motivate people in living a healthy and nutritious life. Made with Enabled Herbalife Nutrition Kundenwelt Active Center.

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asterial mobile

Asterial Mobile | Mobile Template

Asterial Mobile comes with an amazing pack of new features and pages. It has over 125 carefully built pages that will bring your Mobile Website to a whole new level! Packed with 30 Color Highlight Accents and Global, Native Dark Mode.

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circlify phonegap & Cordova app template

Circlify Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova App

Enjoy individually crafted animations in a friendly creative interface. A simple, elegant and intuitive design with for a creative browsing experience. With 95 Page, 2 Skins and 2 Menu Schemes plus 2 Individual Menu Styles for an excellent, unique and creative user experience. Meet Circlify Mobile PhoneGap & Cordova App Template.

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Made With Enabled |

Shake your life up with! It's a great app that wants to challenge you into doing something great and easy everyday. They did an awesome job using our product, Kolor Mobile , to create the perfect app for people who have a daily routine, but who also want to be reminded to do small things that count.

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