best mobile templates

The Best 15+ Mobile Website Templates

Isn't it hard to find the perfect mobile template for your site? Maybe some of them contain difficult code, or others have some tiny but annoying bugs, or maybe they have an outdated design. We've got you covered! Check out our list and decide for yourself which one suits your needs best!

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MiniBar | PhoneGap & Cordova App Template

A tiny sidebar is excellent for apps that want their content to always show, but sometimes your pages might need submenus and extra content space. We have solved this problem in a non-intrusive way. Check out the PhoneGap & Cordova App Version of Minibar!

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evolution of mobile apps 10 year challenge

Evolution of Mobile Apps – 10 Year Challenge

In this article we will take a look back at the moment they were created and compare each with their own version from 2018 - 2019. Now lets see the Evolution of Mobile Apps - 10 Year Challenge

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Sticky Mobile

Sticky Mobile creates the best template you can use for your mobile website. We took your feedback and built the much desired mobile template that runs a non intrusive and simple footer menu! Sticky Mobile is a powerhouse, light as a feather and fast as lightning!

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best mobile devices for developers

The Best Mobile Devices for Developers

Testing your products on emulators or on actual mobile devices are completely different things! Therefore, in this article we'll give you some professional and inside tricks and tips on which are: The Best Mobile Devices for Developers!

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dribbble invite

Valentine’s Day Contest – Win a Dribbble Invite

Hello there, are you ready do become a dribbbler? We have just the perfect contest for this to happen. Take part in our Valentine's Day Contest and win a dribbble invite!

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Landy Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova App Template

Combining an easy to interact with navigation with the power and beauty of a dropdown menu to obtain a simple, gorgeous and elegantly user friendly experience. It compliments your page without affecting the gorgeous user interface!

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2019 new mobile website design trends

2019 New Mobile Website Design Trends

A new year started and not only people create new resolutions for themselves. Therefore, let's see which will be the 2019 upcoming trends in mobile website development and why you, as a developer, marketer, business owner, should take them into consideration!

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reside 2.0

Reside | Premium Mobile & AMP Site Template

Reside just got an amazing facelift. It includes a new HTML, CSS and JS ultra fast loading page with lots of features and a powerful, elegant Google AMP Version. We never delete a product. When it becomes old, we make it brand new again!

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christmas freeebie

Christmas Freebie | Magical Landing Pages

Christmas is a holiday defined by gifts, love and joy! Therefore, this year we have something very special for you. You can enjoy six magical landing pages that will help you greet your website users. Enjoy our Christmas freebie!

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year in review enabled mobile development

2018 – Year in Review | Enabled

This year marked a massive milestone for Enabled. More than ever we've made customers incredibly happy with our products, created Mobile Websites and Apps that are feature filled, insanely fast loading and incredibly easy to use. To top it all off we've reached our 10th year on the Envato Marketplaces. All of this has been possible due to our incredibly awesome, loving and amazing customers! We love each and every one of you and we’ll never let you down!

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