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Azures Mobile 2.0

Bootstrap based Mobile Kit & PWA

Azures Mobile 2.0 is now Powered by Bootstrap! We took Azures to another performance level and included some additional features you will absolutely love. The Fastest Rising Start on Envato Market is now better than ever: supporting RTL, PWA, Auto Dark Mode and many many more! See Below!

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What's New?

Azure Mobile is now Better than Ever! Bootstrap based, RTL Ready, PWA Ready, Auto Dark Mode, Redesigned Elements and Improved Code - Perfect for your Website or App. Check it out!

Latest Code

Azures 2.0 runs on the latest Bootstrap 4.4. The structure is clear, using familiar class names to help you create even faster. Together with SCSS/SASS, you can extend Azures to achieve your goals efficiently! Moreover, our products offers PWA compatibility, to turn your website into a web app by simply adding it to your home screen. A beautiful UI to match the seamless User Experience, backed with the latest generation of code!

RTL / LTR Support

Many of you have required RTL support from our items. As we always listen to the needs of our customers, now you can take advantage of the RTL in Azures Mobile! No one gets left behind. Our other items will have this feature in the future so if you already have one of our items stay close for the update! You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you get the latest news and updates faster!

Insane Speed

Nobody likes to wait for content to load! Your bounce rate rises, your users are angry and you may even lose sales… Not with Azures! We have invested a lot of time to make it fast and ready to go! Just add your content, make sure your pictures are optimised/minified and you’re good to go, Azures will do the rest!

*this depends heavily on the amount of images, content you use, but you can always contact us for help in regards to speeding up your mobile page. Our knowledge is yours!

Smart Azures

Azures 2.0 Remembers your configuration. You can now display different content depending on which mode is activated. Choose a text for Light mode and another for Dark Mode. When your user changes the mode, your text will be displayed accordingly!

Programmatic Calls

Snackbars, Toasts, Notifications, Sidebars, Modals and Action Sheets support programmatic calls now! With the added power of Bootstrap's native Programatic calls, you can call any item you want programmatically or by tap.

PWA Functionality

Clearing LocalStorage, LocalCache and SessionStorage was and still can be done manually on Sticky up until the latest update by updating version numbers. Now, Azures 2.0 does this by itself automatically. 

Transition Systems

We have implemented True / False for PWA & Ajax Page transition systems. Instead of deleting every line of code related, you can now just ad false or true to activate or deactivate PWA capabilities or Ajax transitions!

New Pages

Pages are extremely easy to built using Azures’  components. Just Copy and Paste your favourite components and create your own pages in a few minutes! However, we have prepared some ready to use Pages for you. Just add your text and pictures and you’re good to go!

Check Out Azures 2.0

New Components

Pages are created by Copying and Pasting Components and this is why we have invested a lot of creativity in it! Mix them however you want to and create the best interface or website for your business. From cards, accordions, toggles, buttons to notifications and action sheets, Azures has them all!

Over 330 Happy Customers!

bpi1973  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for Design Quality

This is the THIRD template I’ve purchased from ENABLED – So easy to work with and when I have any problems, their customer support has always got back to me in record time! Cannot recommend these guys enough! Keep up the good work!


creativistsolutions ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐for Feature Availability

I have used envato to kickstart programs for many years and with many templates… this has been the most fun, the easiest to implement and with the best service. I will follow everything they produce.


karan4422 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for Design Quality

The ratings are not only for its amazing beautiful design but also these are for the queries they respond quickly. I am not any developer or know any codes. But with some trial and error I was able to update these theme on for my website. Also At times when I was not able to overcome with some issues I contacted the support team to help me. They managed to provide me solution quickly. At this price one Must definately try it.


defconcorp ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐for Customer Support

I am impressed with the friendliness and agility of the support, I highly recommend the theme and the developer !!!

Congratulations !!!!

MyWebGuyZA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐for Other

Not only is this the best PWA I’ve seen, but the people behind it are just as awesome as it is.

What's Next For Azures?

You know us. We listen to you, integrate features and bring the best in our products! Therefore, feel free to send us your feedback via our contact form and we’ll gladly discuss them in detail and see how we can integrate these into our product.

Azures is our latest release and a fast rising star on Envato Market!

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