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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find the most common questions we receive from our customers. Please feel free to check them or just fill in the form and we'll get back to you shortly.

All our items have a title and an item description. This is the best and fastest way to identify a product’s purpose from our portfolio.

  • Item Name | WordPress Theme = WordPress Theme
  • Item Name | Mobile Template = HTML, CSS, JS Site Template
  • Item Name | Google AMP Template = Google AMP Site Template
  • Item Name | Hybrid Application = PhoneGap and Cordova Application.

These items are built using the latest technology provided by Google, named The AMP Project. In this case AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. Google created AMP to work only for Mobile Devices. They will increase the load time of your page and will rank your page higher in Mobile Search.

These items ( most of our portfolio ) are built using the classic HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript ( jQuery ) technologies. We have optimized our products to the point of insanity. Our products load as fast as most Google AMP websites and provide 100 times more features and more elegance in designs.

With the right knowledge, you can convert absolutely anyone of our HTML Templates can be converted to WordPress, Joomla, or to Hybrid PhoneGap and Cordova applications.

A Hybrid Application is a PhoneGap or Cordova app that is built from a HTML Template and works via WebView. Translated in simpler terms? You take a Site Template, you edit it, and you turn into an application that you can post to an application store.

Note: Posting an application to any application store with the intention of selling it (i.e the app is not free or has in-app purchases) requires you to purchase an extended license.

Mobile Websites will always be the fastest alternative to a responsive page. Responsive pages are cluttered with code that is pointless for your Mobile Phone, so optimizing your Responsive Page to the point of insanity will still make it slower in load times than a dedicated Mobile Website.

In 2018, Google started Ranking pages based on their load speed in mobile search results. Your page may be fast, but your competitors may have a Dedicated Mobile website, in which case, they’re result will show before yours!

By Template we understand HTML, CSS and JS item or Google AMP Template. Any item from our portfolio can be converted to WordPress. Although we cannot provide support as pe Envato Terms for converting our items to WordPress, there are hundreds of talented Freelances on Envato Studio that can do this for you for as little as $100!

All our HTML items are ready to be converted and are 100% compatible with PhoneGap or Cordova. You can see a full list of our dedicated, already converted products on our CodeCanyon Portfolio or you can check out and purchase any product from our ThemeForest Portfolio and convert them to PhoneGap or Cordova.

If you product will be sold to multiple users, or it will be an application that is paid on any App Store, then yes, you require an extended license. Not purchasing an extended license in these cases is illegal and will result in your app being banned or the end product being removed by your host.

Envato Definition of the Extended License

Item Customization is not included in the Envato Support Package as per Envato Item Support Policy. However we provide freelance services at fair rates and we can add anything you can think of to your item for a freelance fee.

Our code is optimized to serve and load as fast as possible, the reason pages can still load slow is due to the images you put in your page. For example, logo images are set from code to be of a specific size you can alter, let’s say 100×50 pixels. We recommend using double that amount for clear, sharp image quality on mobile screens. However, we have had customers that just uploaded a 5 megabyte 5000×1500 logo on their page. This also applies to images in sliders or generally throughout the page.

Here are a few basic, simple rules.

  • You don’t need a 5000×2500 image. Most mobile users (99.8%) browse in portrait mode. Add the page margins and you’ll see that the actual “viewable”  space is less than 500 pixels. Therefore, a maximum width of 720 pixels is way, way more than enough to make the image look crisp, snarp and clear and reduce it’s size.
  • Use image compressors. Always pass your images through services such as TinyPNG. They reduce the size of the images you use, without affecting their quality.
  • Remove unused code. Our items are templates. We include 100 pages out of which you’ll most likely use much less. Each page has it’s own “chapter” in the CSS files. Locate them and remove them.
  • Use a CDN. This is crucial for increasing page speeds to ludicrous speeds! We recommend CloudFlare to beginners, or more complicated and advanced ones like MaxCDN or S3 CloudFront to professional users.

Need even more tips? Use the form to the left, we’ll gladly help out!