Meet Gombo WordPress Theme

Gombo is designed to work along side your desktop theme, providing a native feeling when using your theme. No more waiting for clutters of responsive elements to load, no more stretched images and no more complicated administration panels! Gombo works with your theme to make your experience awesome on your mobile.

Works with Desktop Themes

Don’t miss out on your mobile users. WordPress Themes can be slow for mobile devices, but we made sure ours will load in a heartbeat and give you instant access to your mobile users. Use ProMobile with your existing Desktop Theme and give your mobile users the speed they deserve.

Full Localization Support

Our theme has full Localization Support included, which means you can use it in any language you need. Don’t stress out using Google Translate. The localization system will do the job for you and translate the theme to the language of your choice. It’s that simple.

Douzine of Shortcodes

Shortcodes provide you with the ability to easily create any element you see in the preview. We’ve added all the features your page will require to keep the content quality of a Desktop Theme on your Mobile Device. Every feature we’ve created is covered and beautifully explained for all our users in a friendly and well explained documentation.

Powerful Admin Panel

We’ve created a very optimized system, but, for the minor tweaks and touch ups you want or need, we’ve added an admin panel to provide you with full control over any possible related feature you’ll ever think about. It’s simple, easy to use and it’s fully documented to give you an extensive idea of what each option can do.

Beautiful, Immersive Galleries & Medias

Touch your images and they will open in a full screen environment. Swipe them to the left or to the right. Designed to feel like a native Gallery application on your mobile device. And of course, adding images is as simple as dragging them from a folder and dropping them into the admin panel. Simple, easy to use and just gorgeous.

Projects at your fingertips.

Show off your projects in a portfolio built to be touch friendly. Describe your work, show it off to the world, and share it right from the main portfolio page with a simple tap. Using multiple styles you can showcase your work in a single, double, or even filterable portfolio layout to get the most out of your awesome work. Add it, post it, share it with the world!

The ultimate Mobile Blog.

Our blog is designed to look stunning, feel native, and work fast. Designed to be thumb friendly and provide you with the best and most comfortable using, reading and sharing experience of any mobile blog out there. We’ve designed it so your mobile content will look absolutely gorgeous without sacrificing any features.


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