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Asterial Mobile

HTML5 Mobile Site Template

Asterial Mobile comes with an amazing pack of new features and pages. It has over 125 carefully built pages that will bring your Mobile Website to a whole new level! Packed with 30 Color Highlight Accents and Global, Native Dark Mode. Moreover, we have included 3 Elegant Footer Menus and 3 Multi Style Sidebar – the possibilities are endless!

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Say Hello to The Future

Asterial Brings you Over 10 Homepage Styles which means over 10 Unique ways to greet

your users. Customise them and make your own website in no time!

Insanely Fast!

Asterial is built for Mobile Devices. Therefore it must be blazing fast! We take our sweet time to create super fast website templates so you don’t have to worry about this aspect. Just optimise your photos and you’re good to go!

Tested using GTMetrix on Classic Homepage (left) and Splash Screen ( right )

Asterial Navigations!

It’s like having 4 separate products into one! However, each style combines perfectly with all the pages and components included. Therefore, Asterial brakes all the boundaries and rules of a classic mobile website. It’s just insanely complex!

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Captions Everywhere!

Asterial brings you the flexibility of customising and combining all the elements you may think of. Therefore, we are happy to introduce some brand new and beautiful captions to our framework. Moreover, they are extremely flexible and they are meant to give the colour your website needs!

Numerous Components

Just Copy & Paste Your Favourite Components!

  • Dividers
  • Ad Boxes
  • Accordions
  • Dropdowns
  • Radio Boxes
  • Check Boxes
  • Input Fields
  • Range Sliders
  • Action Sheets
  • Column Styles
  • Buttons & Icons
  • Content Boxes
  • Chips
  • Toasts
  • Search
  • Quotes
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Reviews
  • Sortables
  • Dropcaps
  • Highlights
  • Cookie Boxes
  • Color Classes
  • Tabs
  • Toggles
  • Snackbars
  • OS Decoration
  • Image Effects
  • Classic Tables
  • Pricing Tables
  • Over 650 Icons
  • Reading Progress
  • Notification Boxes
  • Infinite Backgrounds
  • Reading Word Count

Interactive Action Sheets!

The Action Sheets are one of the most important components in a mobile website. Moreover, it creates the bond between the user and your mobile website by making the users interact with your business.

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Site Pages

Tons of App Like Pages, ready to be used as native pages. Just brand them to match your business colours and motto and you’re good to go!

Galleries and Portfolios

There is no better way to display your photos and projects, than Asterial’s Galleries and Portfolios! Check them out below and see for yourself!

More Awesome Features!

It’s Out of This World!

There is not a single change for us to describe every little aspect and component in Asterial, because there are so many! Make sure you check it below and play with it. You will not be disappointed.

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