Sticky is already the most feature-filled Mobile Kit & PWA you can find, providing over 380+ page templates at the moment of writing this article! But we do not plan on stopping anytime soon. We always listen to your feedback, and you requested a Fitness App Template! Let’s dive into Sticky’s latest update: The Gym / Fitness Pack:

Sticky – Fitness App Template 

The pack offers 11 new page templates, dedicated for your gym, personal trainer, fitness or wellness app and PWA. These pages can be combined with other existing ones (From Log-ins, tasks, photography, galleries, portfolios, events, etc.) to create a complete and ready to go online presence for your business. 

Sticky is a multipurpose Mobile Kit & PWA, which means there are no pages that you want and you won’t find! It also receives regular updates that bring even more pages and components. Subscribe here to be the first who finds out about them -> Subscribe to our Newsletter

Let’s dive into more details about the Fitness Pack pages:

The Homepages

Sticky’s Fitness App Template comes with 3 uniquely designed homepages: Classic Style, Cover Image and Homepage Filter. Each one of them is created to emphasise what matters the most, your content!

Homepage Classic

This is absolutely perfect as your homepage for a personal trainer who wants to get closer to their students. Toped by a modern styled search bar and followed immediately by a slider where you can insert your types of training, or even training sessions!

Then, you’ll see a cool call to action card immediately after the slider, followed by a 4 steps section to emphasise the most important steps to success!

The Cover Homepage

The Cover Homepage

This homepage is perfect for a gym! By having a huge image on the entire screen of the phone, you’ll make an amazing and impactful first impression to any of your fitness app or PWA users! It also includes a search bar to make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for!

This homepage also keeps your users hooked on the page, instead of sending them on another one. Simply scroll up and other sections will appear! How cool is that!

Homepage Fitler

Toped by a search bar and followed by modern looking tabs! This one is playful and helps in making the users interact with your page! The homepage filter offers a unique user experience by highlighting three aspects of your training session. 

You can even use it as a 3 step quick course! Or maybe just highlight 3 of the most important steps to a healthier life. Or even display a diet or a meal plan – the possibilities are endless with Sticky!


The dashboards are essential in a Fitness App Template! They help you and an owner and your customers to keep track of their progress. We have prepared 3 unique dashboard pages so you can choose your favourite! 

From cards with colorful icons and badges meant to show some important information, to gradient graphs and a cool timeline, you can choose which one suits you best. Or maybe just use all of them for different purposes!

Check them out below:

Detail Pages

2 Modern looking detail page templates are also available to help you create your course exactly how you envision it. Present your videos and other materials is the most stylish way with Sticky’s new detail pages.

You can even combine them into a larger one if you require. Editing Sticky is easy! We even prepared a detailed documentation to make it even simpler for you. Which one of the detail pages below is your favourite? Tell us in the comments!


Lists always make the user experience ten times better because they give your users a quick way to get to the content they are looking for! Keep you data structured, but not just in a boring way! Who said lists cannot be cool, attractive and modern looking?

We have prepared 3 listing styles for you to take advantage of: List, Grid and Cards! And there are even more styles of lists and cards inside of them. Choose tour favourite and create a cool looking listing for your workouts:


We hope you liked Sticky’s new Fitness Pack! Tell us what you would like to see implemented next. We love having an open collaboration with you. Make sure you leave a comment below and tell us which one of the pages above you love the most!

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