asterial mobile

Asterial Mobile | Mobile Template

Asterial Mobile comes with an amazing pack of new features and pages. It has over 125 carefully built pages that will bring your Mobile Website to a whole new level! Packed with 30 Color Highlight Accents and Global, Native Dark Mode.

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circlify phonegap & Cordova app template

Circlify Mobile | PhoneGap & Cordova App

Enjoy individually crafted animations in a friendly creative interface. A simple, elegant and intuitive design with for a creative browsing experience. With 95 Page, 2 Skins and 2 Menu Schemes plus 2 Individual Menu Styles for an excellent, unique and creative user experience. Meet Circlify Mobile PhoneGap & Cordova App Template.

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Made With Enabled |

Shake your life up with! It's a great app that wants to challenge you into doing something great and easy everyday. They did an awesome job using our product, Kolor Mobile , to create the perfect app for people who have a daily routine, but who also want to be reminded to do small things that count.

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goodbye google plus

Say Your GoodByes to Google Plus!

It's time to say your goodbyes to Google+ ! However, more important, it's time to download all your important data from the platform as fast as possible because Google will shut down their social media platform on the 2nd of April, before the initially announced date.

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stock items vs freelance projects

Stock Items vs Freelance Projects | The Difference

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between building stock items and freelance projects? Beside the obvious argument: "freelance is dedicated and stock is for everyone", there are tons of other aspects that need to be taken into account. In this article, we will show you exactly which these are!

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brighten mobile

Brighten | PhoneGap & Cordova App Template

Brighten Mobile is the perfect PhoneGap & Cordova App Template for your Mobile App. It has a double sidebar navigation, light and dark mode and over 18 highlight colours. Check it out!

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bookmark our items

Bookmark our items to your home screen!

Did you know? You can bookmark our items to your home screen! And it is incredibly easy! There are a few steps you need to follow in order to bookmark one of our items but this does not take long!

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Made With Enabled | Dizaynkoloni

There are tons of ideas of how you can use our products in order to meet your needs. In this Article we'll take a look at one of our customer's website. This digital marketing agency, Dizaynkoloni, made an incredible job using our product, Sticky Mobile, to create their mobile website!

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brighten mobile

Brighten Mobile | Mobile Template

Brighten Mobile is a creative and modern Mobile Website Template that allows you to bring your dream website to life. Moreover, it comes with dark and light skins, over 15 highlights and over 100 ready to use pages.

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mobile website and app templates for 2019 design trends

Mobile Website and App Templates for 2019 Trends

See the perfect templates for your future Mobile Website or PhoneGap & Cordova App Template. It is important to keep up with the latest trends! Here is the help you need to finish your app or website in just a few steps!

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