mobile dedicated website

5 Reasons to Have a Mobile Dedicated Website

There is a constant war between the three main design types one may choose for the mobile website. Mobile dedicated website, responsive or adaptive? Our choice is clear - we love mobile dedicated websites! And we have some good reasons. We'll explain them below so stay with us!

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5 Websites Providing Fonts You Can Download For Free

5 Best Websites to Download Free Fonts for Your Design Project! This article is all about fonts. We've previously mentioned some very useful resources in a previous article. However, now we'll focus exclusively on fonts. Why? Stay with us on this one and find out our opinion!

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best mobile wordpress themes

The Best 5+ Mobile WordPress Themes

The Best Mobile WordPress Themes of 2018. WordPress has always been a choice for customers. The reason is very simple. It is easy to use and it takes less time to customise your website. However, mobile niche was never exploited at its maximum potential. This is why WE - Themes was born.

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kolor mobile

Introducing Kolor

The Modern iOS and Android Design language includes Flat User Interfaces. But also gradients and simple colors combined.  Therefore, Kolor was born! A beautifully crafted mobile template, which provides your mobile website with an amazing , modern facelift.

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best browsers

5 Best Browsers You’ve Never Heard About

In this article you will find some of the awesome, yet less know internet browsers. We'll let aside the popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11/Edge, Opera and Safari. Find out which are the best 5 browsers you've probably never thought using!

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phonegap & cordova app templates

The Best 15+ PhoneGap & Cordova App Templates

The Best PhoneGap & Cordova Hybrid App Templates Dive into our immense variety of great PhoneGap & Cordova Hybrid App Templates and choose for yourself! Therefore, in the list below you will find over 15 incredibly crafted app templates ready to be used.

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front-end checklist

Front-End Checklist – Great Tool for Developers

The first impression matters. Moreover it starts the way a relationship or conversation goes. It applies to websites too. And it's the front-end developer's job to create the best first impact to the users. Check out the amazing Front-end checklist!

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amp freebie subscription form

Freebie: Google AMP MailChimp Subscription Form

Wouldn't be amazing if you could find the perfect working, AMP valid subscription form for your AMP products? AMP is a great way of building websites, it is fast and reliable. So, as the saying goes, sharing is caring, down below you have a great option for your AMP Valid MailChimp Subscription Form. Check it out!

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Line Awesome – The Perfect Font Awesome

Line Awesome - How Font Awesome Should Look Like. Thin and elegant, best suitable for modern design. Use it and abuse it because Icons8 give that to you for free - make sure you read the "Good Guy Licence" tho. Have fun and enjoy!

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best google amp templates

The Best 15+ Google AMP Templates

15 Reasons to Go AMP Now! We would love to introduce you to the best Google AMP Templates! Give a chance to the AMP technology! The advantages are numerous! Rank higher in search results and give your site a great facelift!

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