Introducing Blureh

Enter a mobile web page built to create the feeling of a native application. A simple, elegant, landing page with smooth animations will greet your users. Your logo at the top and a easy thumb print size navigation will show up! To make things even better, the content page is controlled by a fixed bottom navigation, which makes your mobile navigation completely unintrusive.

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Introducing SandGlass

If you like to lighten up your mobile device with soft colors, then SandGlass is the template for you. Using a full screen landing page, with a huge array of features, powered by an amazing homepage with a sticky header, you will never lose yourself trying to find things here. SandGlass is simple, intuitive and an just an elegant mobile template.

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Introducing Slasher

One of our best selling full page mobile templates, Slasher, highlights a perfect color scheme, a simple and intuitive full screen mobile navigation that makes your page feel alive. The dotted background allows your users to see a highlighted sneak peak of products you build while at the same time having the navigation right at their fingertips. Enjoy Slasher!

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