Introducing Ciuter

One of our best selling full page mobile templates, designed with a lighter color, and a whole new set of features. Ciuter is simple, fast, easy to use and allows your mobile users to enjoy a full screen navigation that will take them directly to their page of interest at lightning fast speeds.

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Introducing Stroller

The absolute best seller we've ever built, it's beyond beautiful, with some of the best ratings ever from our customers. Stroller is the landmark of our new sets of even better documentations, even cleaner designs and clever coding techniques and the start of a new age in CSS3 transitions. You want to check this!

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Introducing Sitebar

Introducing SiteBar

As the name goes, it's a site bar, a sidebar that is activated by a swipe gesture on your mobile device and has the ability to use multiple solid color backgrounds and also images. SiteBar is a Mobile Template like no other, in the sense that the sidebar can harvest your product as an image, giving you the ability to use a different product background for each page.

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