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Landy Mobile

PhoneGap & Cordova App + HTML5 Mobile Site Template

It was time for Landy Mobile to become a PhoneGap & Cordova App and we did it! Either you want an app or a classic mobile website, Landy can be a great choice for you. The dropdown menu is non-intrusive and it will not affect negatively neither the user experience, not the user interface. The design is perfect for an app, due to the creative homepages included. Therefore, Landy is the best choice for a cute, little app! Check it out!

jQuery + AMP
24/7 Support
Free Updates
Elite Quality

Preview Landy

Landy is whatever you want it to be! Mobile Website or PhoneGap & Cordova App. In order to help you see both of them, scan the QR code below to preview the version you're interested in.


PhoneGap & Cordova Version


HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript Version

Built to be non-intrusive and with one thing in mind: to offer you a customisable app template or website template and to provide the users with the best user experience and user interface one can desire. Let your creativity run wild with Landy and create your dream website or app!