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HTML5 Mobile Site Template + Google AMP

Reside grew a little bit old and we decided to start this new year with an amazing facelift! We have improved the HTML, CSS and JS with the latest generation of code and framework, making Reside even easier to use. Moreover, not it comes with an AMP Version included in the pack. That’s a great deal for $18! Check it out and scan the code to see it on your mobile device! Also make sure you stop by our store for more amazing items!

jQuery + AMP
24/7 Support
Free Updates
Elite Quality

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Reside comes with 2 versions. A Google AMP version and a HTML, CSS and jQuery Version. In order to help you see both of them, scan the QR code below to preview the version you're interested in.


Google AMP Version


HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript Version

Built like the AppStore and the Instagram application with fixed bottom navigation to give you a simple browsing experience. While at the same time keeping your content presented above. Hence Reside is a Mobile Template and is offering all mobile compatibility.

Please note! Google AMP Does not support external JavaScript files. We made both versions as close as possible to each other, but due to certain limitations, some animations and elements may not be as powerful as the ones provided by then classic HTML Version.