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Sticky Mobile 3.0

Bootstrap 4.4 Mobile Kit & PWA

Sticky Mobile 3.0 is now Powered by Bootstrap 4.4! We took Sticky to another performance level and included some additional features you will absolutely love. The Best Selling Mobile Kit on Envato Market is now better than ever: supporting RTL, PWA, Auto Dark Mode and many many more! See Below!

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What's New?

Sticky Mobile got a major update! We are happy to announce that our Best Seller is now powered by Bootstrap 4.4 and SCSS, designed to help you finish your project faster than ever. Here's What Sticky Can Do!

Bootstrap 4.4 & SCSS

All our products are built using our custom framework. This was mainly because we wanted to provide the best quality of code for you and for your users and other online frameworks did simply not meet our expectations in performance and feature delivery. Until now. Bootstrap & SCSS have evolved into being extremely flexible, providing all the features to help us create what’s best for you, provided a few modifications are still required, but, the code you know and love from Bootstrap remains unaffected.

RTL / LTR Support

Many of you have required RTL support from our items. As we always listen to the needs of our customers, now you can take advantage of the RTL in Sticky Mobile! No one gets left behind. Our other items will have this feature in the future so if you already have one of our items stay close for the update! You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you get the latest news and updates faster!

Insane Speed

A slow mobile website translates into a high bounce rate! Therefore, we take a special care of our products when it comes to speed. Sticky Mobile 3.0 has now a loading speed improved by up to 60%. Yes! You heard correctly, even if Bootstrap is heavier, we made things run up to 60% faster!

*this depends heavily on the amount of images, content you use, but you can always contact us for help in regards to speeding up your mobile page. Our knowledge is yours!

Smart Sticky

Sticky 3.0 Remembers your configuration. You can now display different content depending on which mode is activated. Choose a text for Light mode and another for Dark Mode. When your user changes the mode, your text will be displayed accordingly!

Programmatic Calls

Snackbars, Toasts, Notifications, Sidebars, Modals and Action Sheets support programmatic calls now! With the added power of Bootstrap's native Programatic calls, you can call any item you want programmatically or by tap.

PWA Functionality

Clearing LocalStorage, LocalCache and SessionStorage was and still can be done manually on Sticky up until the latest update by updating version numbers. Now, Sticky does this by itself automatically. 

Transition Systems

We have implemented True / False for PWA & Ajax Page transition systems. Instead of deleting every line of code related, you can now just ad false or true to activate or deactivate PWA capabilities or Ajax transitions!

New Pages

A Lot of Brand New Pages are included in the latest version of Sticky Mobile! Create the best walkthrough to initiate your users in your website or app, publish your products, create events and many more! These are not all the new pages sticky provides, so make sure you check out in the link below everything Sticky has to offer!

Check Out Sticky 3.0

New Components

Our items are known for being extremely easily customisable and Sticky 3.0 is no exception. Therefore, we have included even more copy & paste components that will help you give your mobile website or app a whole new design. The beauty is found in details and we took good care of these details for you!

Over 840 Happy Customers - See What They Think

HankLloydRight  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for Flexibility

This is an awesome mobile app template. It covers so much ground for almost any idea, website, or app. Customer support is very responsive and helpful! I needed to convert the PWA template into a Cordova app, and it was a piece of cake! It basically required changing a single line of code. I now have an awesome Cordova app template from which I can now build my custom hybrid app. I highly recommend this template or frankly any other from this developer, as they are all top-notch.


creativistsolutions ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐for Design Quality

I have used envato to kickstart programs for many years and with many templates… this has been the most fun, the easiest to implement and with the best service. I will follow everything they produce.


gwingwin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐for Code Quality

The attention to detail in this app is outstanding. I am a complete newbie to PWAs and Sticky made it seamless. It has everything you need and more. Also, when I asked a support question, I got an almost instant and detailed answer. Look no further for a first class product!


FlorianZaskoku ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐for Customer Support

Contacted them on saturday afternoon about the code structure (before buying) and got a reponse only 10 minutes later. Great documentation, great template with so many components.
Easy to implement in Laravel & Symfony. Would 10/10 recommend.


Sangamlimbu ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐for Customer Support

I hardly do reviews after purchasing any items but this is an exception

I like Paul 🙂 His support is un-parallel compare to other authors here where you’ll see him replying on Sunday as well. I’ve never waited more than 12-14 hrs max for a reply to my query, which honestly makes them the best authors here. I’ve purchased quite a few items here but never seen such a prompt support before. Other than support their template is very easy to customize, no need for JavaScript for almost 90% of work, just attributes linking, which is awesome work and their components are really copy and paste helping my mobile site progress faster than the expected timeline.

This item and few other items for Enabled are in my collection and will be first priority whenever I needed them for new projects.

What's Next For Sticky?

You know us. We listen to you, integrate features and bring the best in our products! Therefore, feel free to send us your feedback via our contact form and we’ll gladly discuss them in detail and see how we can integrate these into our product.

Stick is the absolute best selling Mobile PWA on Envato, and we plan on keeping it this way by always listening to what you have to say!

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