It’s been a great 10 years of building mobile websites, and, in this time, we’ve evolved to be the best selling author on ThemeForest for the Mobile Niche, and we’re constantly learning, researching and perfecting our build, to the point where, our websites provide such a smooth experience that it was only natural that we move forward to develop apps from them. Today we’re announcing just that.

What are hybrid apps? PhoneGap & Cordova.

Good question. They’re not actually an app, but they’re not actually a website either, they’re a breed between the two, using your mobile “browser” capabilities to generate the user interface, and wrapping it all nice and cozy into a application right on your homescreen. This is the simplest way to explain things. It’ gets more complicated from here.

The best way to obtain hybrid apps is by using PhoneGap and Cordova, both being extremely easy to use, and extremely safe, and most importantly approval is not an issue on Google Play or the Apple AppStore, whereas other hybrid app platforms are sometimes rejected due to unsafe codes and what not.

Why only now?

Because now, we’ve “mastered” and “honed” all possible page effects and transitions, to make changing a page feel just like changing a native app page, and that was the important barrier that differentiated our mobile products from the crowd. Whilst our competitors still use huge and incredibly sluggish frameworks, we build using custom code, invisible to the user, but very visible to load speed and performance.

When we decided it’s time to up the game and hit the market for apps, to give our customers the same insane quality we were building, we wanted to find a developer to team up with that would give 100% and know exactly what he’s doing, therefore, taking our website and converting it to it’s full potential, while at the same time keeping things as easy as possible for the average user to use. Therefore, it wasn’t quite an easy search. Everyone tended to create apps that ran in WebView, basically, an iframe that loaded from your homescreen, and that was certainly not what we were searching for.

Meet our newest member, Kathan. An extremely talented App Developer.

We meet Kathan, a 26 year old developer that knew his way around everything and anything we could throw at him, building apps extremely fast, with optimized resources, and most importantly, breaching the barrier between website and application. Which was exactly what we were looking for. We were absolutely thrilled to see the quality that Kathan could output and after rigorous tests on multiple mobile devices it was very clear to us that the search was over and we found our guy! This was even more apparent when we realized Kathan’s excellent support knowledge and the fact that he prioritized as we do, customer satisfaction above everything else, resulting in a partnership that will output pure quality!

The first product.

To put Kathan through a “fire” test to say so, we gave him the most complex piece of code we had, the most complex item, we’ve ever released, and we’re not talking about sheer volume of features and load time, since that on an application is not as important as a website, most of the content being packed within the app. We gave Kathan our Flip 3D Mobile Template, which, as easy as it sounds, is actually immensely complicated to achieve due to all the small code improvements necessary to obtain fluid transitions throughout platforms. Nevertheless, Kathan made easy work from Flip 3D and the product was done and released for sale on CodeCanyon

The Future of Our Products

The above being said, we decided to take the entire portfolio we have on sale on ThemeForest, yes, all the items that are no older than 2 years and convert them to apps, to be released on CodeCanyon in the following months, so, hold on to your chairs, because we’re going to rock the app category as well. You can expect the same quality support as you got from us from Kathan as well, and the same level of commitment toward quality, since Kathan is now a member of our team, he’ll help us take our Websites and WordPress Themes to new Application capable lengths!

Welcome aboard Kathan! 🙂


Check out our First Mobile App Release

FLIP 3D Hybrid App