Introducing Wheels

We wanted to bring something new to the world, while at the same time go by the saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" We took a concept loved by many and implemented a feature wanted by all. Submenus and a beautiful thumbnail landing page combined for a unique and gorgeous interface.

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Introducing Circle

An attractive, elegant mobile template with 5 different homepages to choose from. We've built a circular image slider, a classic slider, and a fullscreen slider and also added a thumbnail landing page with fixed footer menus. It's feature packed and very round!

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Introducing AppBar

Combining the powerful features of a native mobile application with a beautifully designed and elegant mobile experience. Simple to use, with a swipe to enabled the menu, packed with 30 page templates and more than 100 specific features, AppBar is one of our best mobile products to date.

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Introducing TinyBar

As the name goes, TinyBar is just that, a simple and fast way to get around your content with an elegant menu to the side, a tiny bar! The page is structured elegantly with a fixed top header and a fixed hamburger icon that simply falls down with your page right to it's resting place in the footer.

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Introducing Drag

With 5 homescreen styles included and a elegant user interface built for very simple and effective navigation. We've incorporated the first template with dual sidebars and highlighted-menu feature. A menu on the left, socials on the right, and the top star to highlight your important features or products.

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Introducing Around

Simplicity, ease of use and content first design are the principles behind this elegant and beautiful mobile and tablet site template. With more than 27 page templates and hundreds of features we've also added a simple scrollable modal menu that greats users from the top of the page without blocking view of your content.

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Introducing Slidebox

An elegant user experience built for simple yet very effective browsing experience. Simply swipe left or right to open the sidebar menu and give your content the ability to extend the entire screen. Choose from a left, right or dial sidebar layout. Elegant and simply beautiful to use.

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Introducing Below

A simple item for those who don't seek fancy and complicated designs made to run and load as fast as possible to give your users access to content in an instant. Powered by a simple and scrollable navigation that pops up on screen to give your content all the room on the screen without confusing your users. Below is a simple elegant mobile template.

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Introducing MOM

An item that features every possible feature of amazing mobile and tablet hybrid applications, featuring an elegant landing page, a dual sidebar layout, including a full screen and a regular image slider. Mom is the most elegant and the most complex mobile and tablet product we've ever built to date. Easy to use, very powerful, and it's a great addition for your mobile or tablet page.

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Introducing Landor

A simple and elegant way to show off your product on small screens without compromising your desktop page and a the same time giving the user an amazingly unintrusive immersive experience right at the top of the fingers. Landor aims to make your mobile device a selling point based simply on giving your content what it deserves! Priority!

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