Introducing GloveBox 3D

Your site deserves a web page that looks and feels natural on your mobile device, so your customers can interact with your page in a simple, intuitive and natural way. Touch or swipe your galleries, images sliders, galleries and all your content and interact with your mobile page in a touch optimized environment so your website feels like a native app.

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Introducing Oceam

A native application gives your audience the exact content they need to see on each page, so does Oceam. Immersing them in full screen experience, where the landing page beautifully showcases your logo, your motto or headline and after a swift swipe or an awesome animation your user is presented with an elegant thumb print size full screen navigation!

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Introducing Profiler

Why bother writing CV's and Resumes when you can just forward a link to your future manager, your boss, your friends with a custom made personal or professional profile. It's a great way to impress when you have a custom built online profile and not using some other services! You can even purchase your own domain and make your name into a page.

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Introducing Blureh

Enter a mobile web page built to create the feeling of a native application. A simple, elegant, landing page with smooth animations will greet your users. Your logo at the top and a easy thumb print size navigation will show up! To make things even better, the content page is controlled by a fixed bottom navigation, which makes your mobile navigation completely unintrusive.

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Introducing Trolley

A page unbothered by a navigation or a header, a simple way to enjoy your content. To deploy the navigation simply swipe the content away to reveal a beautiful sidebar, complete with submenus, social links and updates, that will keep your users update with your page news. Facebook, GMail, Path and many great apps use this style navigation.

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Introducing SandGlass

If you like to lighten up your mobile device with soft colors, then SandGlass is the template for you. Using a full screen landing page, with a huge array of features, powered by an amazing homepage with a sticky header, you will never lose yourself trying to find things here. SandGlass is simple, intuitive and an just an elegant mobile template.

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Introducing Slasher

One of our best selling full page mobile templates, Slasher, highlights a perfect color scheme, a simple and intuitive full screen mobile navigation that makes your page feel alive. The dotted background allows your users to see a highlighted sneak peak of products you build while at the same time having the navigation right at their fingertips. Enjoy Slasher!

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Introducing Ciuter

One of our best selling full page mobile templates, designed with a lighter color, and a whole new set of features. Ciuter is simple, fast, easy to use and allows your mobile users to enjoy a full screen navigation that will take them directly to their page of interest at lightning fast speeds.

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Introducing Stroller

The absolute best seller we've ever built, it's beyond beautiful, with some of the best ratings ever from our customers. Stroller is the landmark of our new sets of even better documentations, even cleaner designs and clever coding techniques and the start of a new age in CSS3 transitions. You want to check this!

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Introducing Sitebar

Introducing SiteBar

As the name goes, it's a site bar, a sidebar that is activated by a swipe gesture on your mobile device and has the ability to use multiple solid color backgrounds and also images. SiteBar is a Mobile Template like no other, in the sense that the sidebar can harvest your product as an image, giving you the ability to use a different product background for each page.

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