2019 new mobile website design trends

Mobile Website Design – 2019 New Upcoming Trends

A new year started and not only people create new resolutions for themselves. Therefore, let’s see which will be the 2019 upcoming trends in mobile website development and why you, as a developer, marketer, business owner, should take them into consideration!

1.Dedicated Mobile Websites

Google is always a trend setter and nobody can really fight the tech giant. In 2018 Google announced that it will start indexing mobile websites first in search results. Mobile first indexing means that Google will use the mobile version of a page when indexing and ranking to better help mobile users find what they are looking for.  You can read more on this subject and how it affects you on our previous article, here.

Therefore, if you do not have a dedicated mobile website by now, do not wait a single second more. It is really not hard to set it up and there are plenty of templates there to help you create the best mobile website for your business.

PS. In case you were thinking: Enabled, but I do have a responsive website that looks good on mobile, should I still upgrade to dedicated? Yes. Click here and find out why responsive website can cost you half of your traffic.

2.Clean Design

You content should be the main factor on your website, because…this is the purpose of having a website, obviously. However, many people lose theirselves in tons of pointless animations, crazy images and tons of useless and annoying pop-ups because they look good. Indeed, some of them do look good, but are they really efficient?

The answer is simple and it is no. When people arrive on your website they are interested in the information you serve them, not on a crazy animation that doesn’t let them read your latest article or distracts their attention.

This is why a clean, simple and professional will be the best choice for anyone who wants to convert their visitors into returning customers. You should do the same. Therefore, if you need any help in setting up the best website, check it here for tips, and here for resources.

3.Own your Website! (Diversity stand out)

In the vast sea of internet website, it is incredibly hard to stand out for the crowd. However, it is not impossible. Dedicate a little more of your time when you create your website and make it your own. Bring in your ideas and your designs. But, remember: people need to remember good things about your website, not the fact that they were unable to access a page due to an intrusive pop-up.

Try working on a clean logo for your company, choose maximum 3 colours that work well together and don’t play too much with the font. Choose one or max 2 and go with them. Be clean, flat and professional in your design. Moreover, if you need great, free fonts, here is a list with 5 websites you can download fonts from!


Bringing people on your page is a matter of marketing strategy and SEO (read here more). However, keeping them engaged is a totally different thing. Ads and annoying animations don’t keep people engaged, they just increase your bounce rate. Therefore, what you can do is implementing some small, cute and simple action sheets and notifications. Who knows, maybe you run a nice sale that people would love to know about, or you just want to inform them about the GDPR.

If you need a concrete example you should play a little bit with Eazy, our latest product.Make sure you click here and see yourself how Eazy keeps people engaged!

5.Functional Design

A good looking design is not enough to satisfy your users if your website is not functional. Make sure everything works perfectly, fast, smoothly! The buttons need to be built for mobile in order to give your users a great user experience, the text must be big enough and each element must be optimised for mobile.

Check out Apptastic here. Apptastic is one of the best mobile templates on the market and it is not us that state that, but the extremely satisfied users. However, you don’t have to trust us, just click here and convince yourself!


The last but not the least: Speed. Speed is an incredibly important aspect when it comes to mobile website functionality, SEO/ marketing, bounce rate and Google Ranking. If your site is slow, you lose. This is a trend that will never go out of style. However, now, more than ever, the importance of it in 2019 cannot be avoided.

Over 70% of the world’s traffic came from mobile devices in 2018. Therefore, imagine having a slow website in a super fast internet environment. You are not irreplaceable and your visitors behave accordingly. You may have the best product on the market or the best services in the industry, no one wants to wait for your website to load. Who wants to lose visits when the solution is so simple?

Thank you for your patience! We hope our article helped you decide how your next website will look like and if you have suggestions, we are happy to discuss in the comment section!

What do you think the trends will be for this year? We are extremely curious to see the opinions of our users!

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