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Eazy Mobile 3.0

An easy way to create the best mobile website, app or PWA! Eazy Mobile is a complete mobile kit more powerful and flexible than ever before! Here are the newest features & designs:

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jQuery + AMP
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Choose Your Colors, Navigations & Modes

Eazy to Customise

Eazy Mobile is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that provides a lot of features. It is highly flexible, powered by a sidebar navigation and 10 different color highlights to help you make Eazy your own!

Turn the Lights Off With One Tap

Dark Mode Available

Eazy Mobile 3.0 provides Dark Mode! Carefully crafted and detail oriented to make sure your content pops up elegantly on a dark background. Your vibrant colors will stand out like never before!

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There is a Homepage for Every Idea!

Homepages for All

Take the Eazy way! Build your website, app or PWA using our ready to go Homepages: there is one for every purpose. From profile pages that take the Instagram approach, to News, Store & Blog Homepages, Eazy Mobile 3.0 provides a wide variety for you to choose from!

Eazy Mobile 3.0 Homepage Templates

Eazy & Smart Functionality

Highly Capable Mobile Kit & PWA

Tons of components are ready for you to just copy and paste them to form the pages you want! Super easy to work with and available in more than one style, AppKit’s components are one of the main strengths of our product!

Eazy Mobile 3.0 is more capable than ever. We have introduces some of the most requested features to make sure Eazy doesn’t lack anything. We strive to enable you in creating the project of your dreams…eazy-ly!

Smart & Eazy

Dark Mode is even better in Eazy. You can set different content on Dark Mode and on Light Mode! This means you can deliver content to your users based on the mode they are choosing to use. How cool is that!

Programmatic Calls

Bootstrap's native programmatic calls are a dream come true. Now you can use programmatic calls on Action Sheets, Toasts, Snackbars, Notifications and more! Super useful for many of our customers!

PWA Functionality

Eazy Mobile 3.0 is a Progressive Web Application (PWA)! Your users will be able to save Eazy Mobile to their own homescreens, just like an app. More and more businesses opt for PWAs - Create your own with Eazy!

Transition Systems

We have implemented True / False for PWA & Ajax Page transition systems. Instead of deleting every line of code related, you can now just ad false or true to activate or deactivate PWA capabilities or Ajax transitions!

First Impression Matters – Greet your Users with Eazy!

Splash & Walkthrough Pages

Simple, elegant and modern Splash Screens and Walkthrough Pages are ready to greet your users and take them through all the relevant steps! Different designs are available to provide top notch flexibility.

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Eazy Splash Screens & Walkthrough Pages

Designed to Emphasise Your Pictures & Projects

Galleries & Portfolios

Create immersive experiences for your users with Eazy’s creative galleries & portfolios. We’ve designed them to emphasise your content and your achievements! Multiple styles are available.

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Eazy Galleries & Portfolios

Perfect If You Want to Convert Eazy to a CMS

Ready to Use Page Templates

Blog, Store and News Packs are available to help you convert Eazy to a CMS faster. Each pack provides all the necessary pages for a complete and beautiful project. Create your Blog, Store or News Mobile Site with Eazy!

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Eazy provides so many pages and features that it is absolutely impossible to showcase them here! We have prepare a preview demo platform to help you explore Eazy yourself. Make sure you scan the QR code to see it on your mobile device!

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