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Mobile Template & PWA

Eazy Mobile – Mobile Template and PWA! Most noteworthy, Eazy runs the latest code, it is extremely well optimised and it doesn’t compromise the quality of design. Moreover, now, you can build your mobile website using content blocks, and it was never easier than that. Therefore, Eazy is built for speed, reliability and most importantly, to keep your visitors engaged! Check our store here.

24/7 Support
Free Updates
Elite Quality

Built For Speed!

When it comes to speed, nothing comes close to Eazy. You will never notice it is not an App. Why? Because we hate waiting and we know you do too. Everything is optimised to the extreme and Google really appreciates that. It ranks your website higher in mobile search results!

Tested using GTMetrix on Landing Page (left) and Homepage ( right )

It Feels Like Home!

Eazy brings the comfort from your home to your homepage! It is light or dark, whichever you prefer. But most noteworthy, it is touched by 18 colours to customise it exactly how you feel. Moreover, it is so flexible you will never believe until you see. Finally, you can convert it to a Progressive Web App or a PhoneGap & Cordova App. Incredible!

The Menus are Eazy!

We’ve implemented the most powerful menu system in the world. It’s fast, it’s smooth, it’s easy, and it can use infinite menus on a single page. Our menus transform into Action Sheets, Notifications, Sidebars, Footer Menus, Modals and much more!

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Build With Content Blocks

Copy & Paste Blocks And Create Your Desired Mobile Website!

  • Dividers
  • Ad Boxes
  • Accordions
  • Dropdowns
  • Radio Boxes
  • Check Boxes
  • Input Fields
  • Range Sliders
  • Action Sheets
  • Column Styles
  • Buttons & Icons
  • Content Boxes
  • Chips
  • Toasts
  • Search
  • Quotes
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Reviews
  • Sortables
  • Dropcaps
  • Highlights
  • Cookie Boxes
  • Color Classes
  • Tabs
  • Toggles
  • Snackbars
  • OS Decoration
  • Image Effects
  • Classic Tables
  • Pricing Tables
  • Over 650 Icons
  • Reading Progress
  • Notification Boxes
  • Infinite Backgrounds
  • Reading Word Count

Eazy Action Sheets

Action Sheets That Make Your Website Feel Like a Native App.

You can use them however and wherever you want! They can be notifications, menus, pop-ups, or any other creative idea you might have. Interact with action sheets and keep your users engaged!

Walk With Us Through Eazy!

Greet your users with the best user interface. It is the cleanest you will find out there!

However, Eazy will emphasise your content like no other product.

Please note the pictures represent just one style, there are many others available! Click one of the photos and test!

It's All About the App Feeling!

There is no other product on the entire market that can compete with Eazy! The native app feeling it gives you is incommensurable better than everything you have ever seen!

Galleries and Portfolios

Display your photos in a creative and gorgeous way. There is no point in taking great pictures if you cannot show them to the world. Now you can, and it is sexier than ever!

And much, much more!

It’s Just Amazingly Eazy!

Eazy is the start of a new era in mobile website development industry! The structure have changed, the design is brand new and all for our customers! Moreover, we paid attention to details and we are very determined to make your life easier. With Eazy we have achieved that!

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