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Free Illustration Packs – 5 Websites We Love

Illustrations can change the appearance of your website completely! This is why you should definitely include some in your articles, website pages, newsletter, social media posts…well, everywhere!

We absolutely love them and we have also used some in our projects. However, there are so many  online that it can be hard to choose. Moreover, it intervenes the fact that all the illustrations on a specific page should have the same style.

There are many websites where you can find beautiful illustrations, however packs are really difficult to stumble upon. Hence, we will not mention Pixabay, Freepik or any other vector/image/picture providers. Only illustration packs websites! Although, if you happen to be searching for an article full on the best resources online including logos, pictures, colours, etc, click here.

We understand your struggle! Therefore, we have prepared for you a list containing our favourite, top 5 websites providing FREE illustration packs. Tell us your favourite site in the comments!


A super useful tool for any designer or marketer is UnDraw. Created by Katerina Limpitsouni, UnDraw provides countless, great illustrations for every type of activity you can think of! They are simple, yet extremely professionally built to accurately express the activity they represent.

Moreover, at the top of the website (in the header), you can select the colour of the illustrations! How cool is that! You don’t need to worry about them being presented in purple, because you can change that easily.

The formats they come in are SVG and PNG and they are completely free, with no attribution required, however we strongly advise you to give credit to Katerina – she’s awesome and this is not a paid promotion, we just love her work!


Another amazing website you can get free illustrations from is Manypixels. You can find anything from daily activities, web services, education, continental maps, monuments and many more illustrated actions that take your breath away!

The User Experience of the website is also a big bonus. At the top of the page, there is a sticky search area, where you can type a word related to the illustration you’re looking for! Moreover, you can change the colour of the illustrations in real time so it matches the overall design of your project.

The resources are free for both personal and commercial use and they are perfect for e-mails, newsletters, landing pages, blog posts and social media ads! We absolutely love those illustrations and their customisability!

Are you in desperate need of flat, simple, yet suggestive illustrations? Well, we were too! Until we’ve found The website is created by Lukaz Adam, an independent Web Designer, who was, like us, in desperate need of illustrations!

He created amazing packs of icons and illustrations, using a flat design for all. They are super clean, colourful and expressive and can change the face of your website or mail in no time.

There is anything you can’t find on his website, starting from people, to marketing, cryptocurrency, technology and even rockets!

The illustrations come in 2 formats: PNG and SVG. Moreover, they are completely free for both personal and commercial use!


Updated regularly, DrawKit is an incredible website were you can find illustrations. What is special about this specific amazing tool, is that it also provides a black and white version of each illustration.

The website and illustrations are created by James, an illustrator and designer from Sydney Australia who is “the happiest when creating things”! We’re happy too because his work is awesome!

The illustrations come in two formats: SVG and PNG and come with an MIT Licence, which means you can use them for both commercial or non-commercial purpose!


Taking the illustration game to a new level, Stubborn is a super cool website providing paid illustrations. However, because this is a “free illustration pack” article, we will focus on the free service Stubborn offers: an Illustration Generator!

This means you can create your own illustrations! Using Stubborn Generator for free, you can get Three Persons, 10 Boys Illustrations, 10 Girls Illustrations, 5 ROBOTS!!! And 20 Scenes – everything fully Vector!

Don’t wait to find the best illustrations for your project. Start creating your own. The Generator is compatible with Sketch, Adobe Illustrator and Figma!


Which website has the best illustrations? We cannot decide, because they are unique and perfect in their own way! We love them all, how about you?