ios 14 Enabled

iOS 14 Enabled Products Compatibilities

Another year, another iOS update! Apple has released iOS 14 and we’re happy to announce that our products are fully compatible, without any additional need for any modifications.

Either you choose a Mobile Site Template, a Mobile Kit, a PWA or a Cordova App from our portfolios (Check them here: Theme Forest & Code Canyon), you can take advantage of each product full powers.

With all the software improvements that came with the latest iOS, our products are working flawlessly, by taking full advantage of the carefully designed hardware.

Featured Products

Sticky Mobile | #1 Best Selling Mobile Kit on Envato (over 1300 Sales)

Our beloved Sticky Mobile works flawlessly on iOS 14. A complete mobile kit that will help you achieve your goals faster than ever. It comes backed with ready to use pages for Finance, E-Commerce, Education & Learning and many more! Moreover, it offers you the flexibility to create your own pages using copy & paste components for a quick process. There is no better choice!

Mobile Kit & PWAPhoneGap & Cordova App

AppKit Mobile | A Rising Star Based on iOS Design (over 200 Sales)

AppKit Mobile is absolutely gorgeous and it blends perfectly as an app or PWA with the other apps on you iPhone. Based on a card layout with a footer menu and topped with beautiful large headings, AppKit offers the possibility to use it in Dark Mode! News Pages, Blog Pages, Finance Pages and Media & Portfolios are just a few of the features it comes packed with.

Mobile Kit & PWA

Azures Mobile | Perfect for Your App & Website (over 550 Sales)

An absolute monster, Azures introduces the new generation of mobile websites & apps! Highly customisable and flexible, based on the latest code and packed with components that are ready to be used in creating new pages, Azures is a powerhouse. Moreover, with the latest update, we have introduced a Commerce kit & a Finance Kit!


Mobile Kit & PWAPhoneGap & Cordova App