New System Pages for AppKit!

What are system pages?

AppKit has received yet another amazing pack, thanks to your feedback: System Pages! But what are those? This term describes the pages that are meant to help your user create, recover their account or help you notify your user about a certain system issue, like a 404 or coming soon page. Here are some of the pages you will find in AppKit’s System Pack:

  • Sign In Pages
  • Sign Up Pages
  • Recover
  • Error 404
  • Coming Soon
  • OTP Verification

We have created different styles for the system pages available in AppKit to make sure we accommodate all your requirements and design expectations: Classic Content, Full Screen Pages and Cover Card Styles. Let’s take a look:

Classic Content

The style you can see in the “Classic Content” section is meant to be clean, frictionless and in trend with AppKit’s overall design. The content is wrapped inside AppKit’s well known cards, giving it a clean and structured look that will keep your users’ attention on what matters most: their data.

The cards you see in there can be used as single pages, integrated in other pages or even as action sheets! AppKit is a very powerful Mobile Kit & PWA that gives you the possibility to customise it exactly how your project requires

Full Screen Pages

Most suitable for landing pages such as Log Ins or Sign Ups, the full screen pages come with a great design that can also be further customised.

All full screen pages come with a similar structure to AppKit’s overall design: big title at the top followed by input fields or a countdown in the case of the “Coming Soon” page. 

We wanted to design the system pages in such way that they offer a natural experience for the users while maintaining the premium and modern design we all love for AppKit.

These pages use AppKit’s translucent footer menu and header styles that blend perfectly with your background image!

Cover Card Styles

We have prepared this style for the two pages that help you notify your users that something is happening to the website: Coming soon and Error 404. The style is similar to the first “classic content” however, this comes with a twist: the actual card design.

With these pages, you can deliver your messages in a stylish, modern and brand-able way by taking advantage of the cards’ background image capabilities! Take a look below!

Which style is your favourite? Let us know in the comments! Moreover, if you have any suggestions about what we should include in AppKit’s next update, don’t hesitate to contact us here (link)! We always listen to you.

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