ios-15 iOS15 Safari Bugs

While our products are all running the standard, WebKit Approved CSS3 code for positioning elements on page, including environmental variables to adjust for the Address Bar and notch, iOS 15 does have some bugs we’ve reported in the developer beta program. We’d like to address these iOS15 Safari Webkit bugs with you.

Double Size for env() CSS3 Variable
Bug reported to Webkit / Safari team, awaiting fix in future betas.

In simpler terms, let’s say you have a login window or a splash screen that contain a fixed position header, a fixed position footer, and a full screen content area. While taping in a page like this, the env() variable (which is used to clear the notch area and new iOS15 Safari Address Bar) sometimes doubles in size.


Event Propagation / Prevent Default Ignored
Bug reported to Webkit / Safari team, awaiting fix in future betas.

While taping a menu icon to deploy a sidebar or an off canvas element such as a modal window, Safari ignores the e.preventDefault / return false; methods. This results in the page jumping back to top, just like you’d click on an empty href. A side effect of this bug, is the unintentional invocation of the iOS 15 default Address Bar when tapping any menu icon or backdrop to close a modal for example.

This bug affects sub z-index elements, therefore, tapping the close button inside a modal will not invoke the Address Bar, but tapping the backdrop will trigger and invoke the address bar.


Will our products be affected by the existing bugs?
Bug reported to Webkit / Safari team, awaiting fix in future betas.

Absolutely not. We’ve already tested our products in iOS15 using the latest betas, and excluding the above mentioned bugs that are iOS related, everything works perfect.

With this being said, we will be releasing complimentary updates ( as usual, free of charge to all our customers, and copy & paste implementation ) to improve the User Experience of our products for the new iOS 15 release as we’ve done in the past with each new operating system release.

PS: If you think these bugs will not be fixed by Safari, keep in mind they happen on Apple’s official website on all their pages. We strongly doubt Apple plans to leave their site crippled! 😄

Special Thanks to the Devs at WebKit and Safari
Hands on since day one! You are awesome.

We’ve installed iOS15 Developer Beta within the first 20 minutes of it being released and must say that the Evangelists and Developers at Safari and WebKit have been the dream any bug finder would love to encounter. Every bug we’ve reported has been noted and lots have been fixed in iOS15 developer beta 2.

Thank you for the fast and incredibly professionally courteous responses. Reporting bugs has never been easier and our voices have been heard near instant! Thank you! 🙏🏻