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Meet AppKit – The Newest Interface for Web. AppKit is a complex Kit, perfect for your mobile website or app. It comes packed with tons of features and multi-purpose pages to make your editing process faster than ever! Check it out!

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jQuery + AMP
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Dark Mode, RTL, PWA & More

Packed with Features

Auto Dark Mode, Progressive Web Application (PWA) and RTL are just a few of AppKit’s powers! Take advantage of the entire package at an incredible price backed by a gorgeous and modern design.

Hover over the image and scan the QR code to view it Live on your Mobile Device.

Auto Dark & Light Mode Available

Dark & Light Mode

Dark Mode is the new thing! Every app out there comes with dark mode and even auto dark mode. AppKit does the same. It’s incredible: set it dark with one single tap or set it to get the theme of your users’ phones!

Hover over the image and scan the QR code to view it Live on your Mobile Device.

You’ve requested, We’ve delivered

LTR & RTL Ready

We always listen to our customers when it comes to design ideas, new features or new components. More and more of you requested RTL, so here you have it! RTL is available for AppKit and it’s gorgeous!

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Endless Possibilities

There's More!

Your imagination is the key to unleash the true power of AppKit. The amount of capabilities AppKit brings is impossible to depict here, but here are some of the most requested and important. Make sure you check the preview to see the full list!

Smart AppKit

You can have a specific text or content for Light mode and a completely different content when switching to Dark Mode. Consequently, when the users will switch between light & dark mode, they will see the content accordingly!

Programmatic Calls

Programmatic calls are here for Toasts, Sidebars, Action Sheets, Snackbars, Notifications! Thanks to the integration of Bootstrap's native programmatic calls, you can now call any item you want programmatically of by taping it!

PWA Functionality

AppKit is Progressive Web App Ready! Just add it to your homescreen and enjoy! PWAs are here to stay and more and more businesses opt to have a PWA, rather than a normal website. Your site will stay forever on the homescreen of your users!

Transition Systems

We have implemented True / False for PWA & Ajax Page transition systems. Instead of deleting every line of code related, you can now just ad false or true to activate or deactivate PWA capabilities or Ajax transitions!

Customise AppKit in No Time!

Copy & Paste Components

AppKit’s components are the elements that empower you to paint the perfect website or app faster than ever. Just copy & paste your favourite to build a page. It is that simple! AppKit is created to make your life easier – let it help!

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Ready to Use Pages for Everyone

Multi Purpose Pages

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just write down your content and put the pictures in to create the website or app? Well you can! With AppKit, we’ve designed specific pages for the most used purposes our customers use our products. All you have to do is insert your content and launch it to the world!

Mobile Kit & PWA

E-Commerce Pages

Convert AppKit to any CMS, AppKit comes packed with everything you need!

Finance Pages

Beautiful Card Designs and Finance Specific Elements Available for You!

Events Pages

What a better way to organise events than with a PWA packed with Event Pages!

Courses Pages

Education ready pages emphasise the content and help you teach efficiently!

Gallery Pages

Brand new Asymmetric Galleries and Gorgeous thumbnails to display your photos.

Portfolio Pages

Showcase your latest projects to attract collaborators and possible users.

But there are even more advantages!

Take A Closer Look

Dive into the preview and experiment with AppKit! Make sure you save it to your device’s home screen so you can see its true beauty as a PWA. Also, check out the video below to see even more components and awesome features AppKit comes packed with!

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