Restaurant Mobile App & Website Templates

Top 3 Restaurant Mobile App & Site Templates

 A modern app, PWA or mobile website is an absolute must if you’re in the food industry! We have prepared some amazing restaurant mobile app & website templates for you to help you kickstart your business online in no time. Check them out below:

1. Sticky Mobile

Sticky Mobile is without a doubt the most feature filled Mobile Kit & PWA in our portfolio. With over 400 page templates, hundreds of components and amazing functionality Sticky has helped over 3100 people achieve their business or personal goals.

Among other packs, Sticky provides a Restaurant & Food Pack – 22 pages and dedicated action sheets to help you built your food app faster than ever!

  • 5 Homepage Styles
  • Product Cards
  • Product Grid
  • Product Lists
  • 4 Product Page Styles
  • 2 Category Styles
  • 3 Menu Designs
  • 2 Cart Styles
  • Checkout Page
  • 2 Order Tracking Pages 
  • Action Sheets

Sticky is better on mobile – Save Sticky on your mobile device’s home screen. Enjoy a full PWA experience while exploring all the amazing pages Sticky comes packed with.

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2. AppKit Mobile

AppKit is the modern Mobile Kit & PWA you’ve been looking for. A rising star, AppKit has been chosen by over 1.300 customers to serve as the basis for their projects. It comes packed with over 260 page templates and over 100 copy and paste components to make the entire editing process even easier for you.

AppKit’s Food & Restaurant Pack is unique. Thanks to its card based layout, huge titles and carefully crafted structure, AppKit is capable to become your main food app or PWA!

  • Classic Homepage
  • Homepage Cards
  • Homepage Header
  • Product Lists
  • Product Grids
  • 2 Order Page Styles
  • Product Header
  • Product Creative
  • 3 Menu Styles
  • Food Cards

The food pack is designed to fit perfectly with the other pages available for AppKit to give you even more flexibility to combine the pages as you require. The content pack, commerce pages, events pack and the components are just a few ideas that may help you!

Save AppKit on your mobile device’s home screen to take advantage of an immersive experience while exploring one of our best sellers!

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3. Azures Mobile

Azures is the most creative Mobile Kit & PWA in our portfolio. With over 270 Page templates, hundreds of components and a ton of features, Azures is a highly brand-able app template for your business. You can easily insert your business’ colors and logo to create an immersive experience for your customers!

This helps especially in the food industry! We have added 14 dedicated pages ready to host your delicious food pictures:

  • 3 Homepage Styles to choose from
  • Splash Screen
  • 2 Landing Page Designs
  • 3 Product Page Styles
  • Instant Articles
  • Listings
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout
  • Contact Page

Azures’ food & restaurant pack works perfectly and in harmony with other existing pages in our product. Combine them however you wish and build your online presence faster than ever!

Explore Azures directly on your mobile device for the best experience. You will be able to see all the features Azures provides as a PWA!

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