TOP 5 Mobile Kits & PWAs for Ecommerce Apps

TOP 5 Mobile Kits & PWAs for Ecommerce Apps

Trying to start an e-commerce business? Apps are the new way to go! But building an e-commerce app or PWA from scratch can be really demanding and expensive. Therefore, using a template can help you finish your project faster and cheaper. We have prepared a list of the TOP 5 Mobile Kits & PWAs for Ecommerce Apps. Let’s explore them:

1. Sticky Mobile

Sticky Mobile is an absolute monster – our best selling Mobile Kit & PWA is ready for your commerce app or PWA. The commerce pack was among the first packs we have introduced in Sticky thanks to your feedback.

Since the first release, we have continued to improve it and even expand it to offer more pages and components. Now, Sticky’s commerce pack provides over 15 pages and action sheets built using multiple styles!

Explore Sticky’s Commerce Pack below and save it to your mobile device’s home screen as a PWA for a complete and immersive experience.

Explore Sticky

2. AppKit Mobile

AppKit mobile can be the perfect candidate as the basis for your commerce app or PWA! It’s modern looking and provides a card based layout to keep all the information well structured and clear – a key factor when building an online shop.

11 Pages + amazing action sheets are available for AppKit inside the Store Pack! From homepage to product pages, menus, carts and checkout, this pack is fully loaded with amazing components and designs.

Combine ApKit’s Store Pack with other existing pages to build a full app! Save it to your mobile device’s home screen as a PWA and enjoy an app-like experience while exploring our product.

Save AppKit on your mobile device’s home screen to take advantage of an immersive experience while exploring one of our best sellers!

Explore AppKit

3. Azures Mobile

Azures is the perfect choice for a memorable online store! Thanks to it’s decorations and style, Azures offers you the flexibility to extend your branding all over your new ecommerce Mobile Website, App or PWA!

With 10 dedicated pages and action sheets for ecommerce, Azures provides everything you need to build a complete project. Homepage, product pages, checkout and more can be combined with other existing pages that come with Azures!

Style it, brand it, own it! Explore Azures on your mobile device by saving it as a PWA to your home screen! It’s the best way to see its capabilities.

Explore Azures

4. Eazy Mobile

An Eazy way to build your project! Eazy mobile is one of our best selling Mobile Site templates and PWA templates, that helped over 450 customers to achieve their goals. Naturally, we have also included a commerce ready pack: 10 pages that can be combined with other pages available for Eazy to create a complete app, mobile website or PWA!

From Covers to homepages, product pages, checkouts and more, Eazy aims to provide a complete basis fro your new mobile ecommerce app!

Explore it below. For the best experience, save Eazy to your mobile device’s home screen and navigate it as a PWA!

Explore Eazy

5. Kolor Mobile

Our most creative mobile kit and PWA to date, Kolor mobile comes with a unique style that can be absolutely perfect for your funky commerce website! Thanks to its unique design and colorful style, Kolor can catch your users’ attention in no time!

The commerce pack available for our product is modern and stylish while focusing on the products displayed! 11 dedicated pages for an online store app, PWA or website, carefully crafted for performance and speed. From product pages, checkouts, invoice to homepages and cover pages, Kolor has them all.

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