It’s been an amazing journey, where we learned a lot, and gave all we can to develop a niche that was struggling to compete with other categories. In the past years of development, we’ve reached out to an amazing 20.000 customers, and became the lead developers of templates and themes in the Mobile Niche! Thank you!

We started out years ago, with an old iPhone 2G annoyed by how slow the connection to the simplest sites was, and with how ugly all pages were. it was annoying to constantly zoom in to see even the biggest text. So we built our first mobile template. It was an instant success and customers were asking us to custom build their pages for them.

While working with our customers we discovered the unharnessed potential of the mobile niche, a niche flooded with frameworks that were simply ugly and failed at copying a constantly evolving native UI. Epsilon was born, our framework which doesn’t rely on trying to copy iOS or Android or other large platforms, it was purely built from CSS and JS and was made for reusable elements. A copy and paste away from using any element anywhere.

As we evolved, so did Epsilon, slowly becoming the best sold Mobile Templates and Themes on ThemeForest. It was only natural to expand our view to Tablets and modify the framework to give the power it gives today.

It was at this point we started working with classic, unintrusive HTML, CSS, and JS code, only to discover that by doing so, our items became the perfect candidates for PhoneGap and Cordova. Now, most of our users purchase our items to convert them to applications, and they never have any trouble achieving this due to the simple code we use.

Now, almost 15.000 sales later, Epsilon is fully CSS3 enabled, loading amost as fast as Google AMP ( yes, we have the courage to say that ) with every possible feature you can ever imagine or ever need from a mobile page! And we’re still growing and growing without affecting it’s performance yet constantly improving it’s power!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us, and we will continue to support you around the clock and constantly release awesome new products! Even more powerful, faster, elegant, and with the same user friendly code and impeccable support and documentations!

Our ever growing portfolio stands available for you on ThemeForest and our personal store stands available here as well if you wish to see things in an easier to view environment and filter out what you’re looking for!