Android Oreo

We can’t say it’s released like clockwork. Because, well, if you own a Samsung, or a HTC, then you’ll most likely not get this operating system for at least a few months after it’s release. But, as usual, with each new year Android release a new candy operating system. And with no exception this year, Android Oreo is here, and we’re fully compatible with it!

It’s great to see Android as it matures. We’ve always loved the operating system for it’s customization. However, it was a nightmare for any front end developer. When testing on iOS or even on older RIM’s and Windows Mobile provided great outputs, sometimes Android wanted some extra settings or features. Even if it’s built by those who made Chrome, and made it oh so well. We’re glad to finally see Android is fully mature! Moreover, making CSS and CSS3 feel at home!


After testing all 130 items in our portfolio, from ThemeForest and from CodeCanyon we are pleased to say everything is working as expected. And with the improvements to the devices brought by Apple our products are working flawlessly. Furthermore, this is another one of the advantages of building with our custom framework. It avoids using jQuery and JS animations and code that are soon to be deprecated and removed by the amazing power of CSS3.

So to all our buyers, there is nothing to update for you! Everything is working perfectly! For all our customers that have created PhoneGap or Cordova apps, again, there is nothing to update as the code behind them works like a charm! Again, as promised, 100% compatibility and 100% support for all our customers!

Hence, go ahead check our portfolio and get yourself an awesome Mobile Website! It’s always up to date. And it will always work with every modern mobile operating system!