App Promo Video Templates

The launch of app or any platform that is based on the mobile experience must absolutely include an amazing video presentation! Videos are a great way to catch your viewers’ attention on your products and convert them into paying customers. However, this can be pretty costly if you were to hire a freelancer or an agency to create one for you. Therefore, we’ve created a list with the best app promo video templates you can find, at an incredible price, that do not require you to know Adobe After Effects at an advanced level. Let’s get into it!

The Best App Promo Video Templates for Your Next Campaign:

1. Twelve App Promo

Twelve App Promo comes packed with 64 ready to use scenes which use the latest iPhone 12 in 4 colours: blue, gold, silver and graphite. It might sound like a huge template, but it is actually pretty simple to modify and use the scenes you like the most!

What’s better is the fact that it does not require any additional plugin, you get free updates and everything is editable. Moreover, Pixamins (the author of this amazing video template) included video tutorials with voice over.

Take a look, you’ll love it as much as we do!

View Twelve App Promo

2. X1 App Promo

Created by DREAMYARD_Visuals, the video template is absolutely stunning. It makes the best candidate for your explainer video as it is concentrated on smooth transition, exquisite typography and professional design.

13 ready to use scenes are included in the template that present an iPhone 12 Pro mockup for your images or videos. The phone comes in 4 colors (blue, gold, graphite) that are easily modified with one single click.

No additional plugins are required for you to modify this into the best presentation or explainer video for your app!

View X1 App Promo

3. Dynamic App Promo

A dynamic app promo video template created by rigsmotion to help you stand out of the crowd. The balance is perfectly achieved, as the transitions are not too slow but not too fast, so your viewers can perfectly see all features of your app.

The template is based on content, which makes it a perfect candidate for a teaser or quick sneak peak on what’s to come. Huge typography is used to emphasise the major aspects of the app while keeping the viewers’ focus on the phones.

A video tutorial is made available for you to easily edit this short app promo!

View Dynamic App Promo

4. Fast Stomp App Promo

Simple, playful and colourful, the Fast Stomp App Promo is full of life! It’s the perfect match if you want to inspire people and offer them positive summer feelings. We’re happy just by looking at it as is, imagine what you can do with it!

You can change the color of the phones and combine the scenes as you wish to get the best out of it. Mograpghfactory (the author of the video template) suggests some ideas on how they see this to be implemented. They say it’s perfect for product promos, shopping apps, food apps, finance apps, travel apps, media apps and more.

Just check it out, you’ll absolutely love it!

View Fast Stomp App Promo

5. Phone App Presentation

A cool, modern, professional and playful at the same time, this video template is one of the best! It comes with 10 phones, amazing typography, and 22 animated shots! The simplicity of this template is what’s take us aback: the creator ( EazyEdit ) managed to create an impactful video template while keeping the viewers’ attention on your content. 

They even included a video tutorial to help you finish your projects faster. Just check it out and be amazed of this minimalistic, iconic and stylish template!

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