evolution of mobile apps 10 year challenge

Social Media Platforms are a huge part of our every day life. People use them since the beginning and besides the disadvantages they come with, they make incredibly useful tools for their users.

They all started out as communication platforms, designed to link people and connect them with each other. However, as time passed, they entered new market such e-commerce, advertising and marketing, learning platforms and even business management platforms.

But their purpose is not the only thing that changed about them. Facebook as you know it today was completely different in design at the time it was born. All of them try to keep up with the trends, be more intuitive and simple so many more people can access and use them without problems.

In this article we will take a look back at the moment they were created and compare each with their own version from 2018 – 2019. Hopefully, this will make the kid inside you even happier. Or if you are not old enough to have used them, maybe this can be a great opportunity for you to find out a little bit of the history of the apps you most love.

The Evolution of Mobile Apps – 10 Year Challenge

1. Facebook

It is incredibly hard to not know the short history of the birth of Facebook. However, not many people remember how this incredibly big platform looked like at the beginning. Everything changed starting with icons, format, structure and event fonts. Facebook as we know and use today looks like a totally different app.

2. Twitter

Twitter was founded back in 2006 and it serves as a new and social networking platform. And this is all the things that remained unchanged since. The design of twitter has modified extremely to reach the new design standards of 2019. Check it below.

3. YouTube

Firstly launched in 2005, YouTube has become one of the biggest platform for online searching. According to reports, if a person doesn’t find anything on Google, the next place he or she goes is YouTube. Videos represent an effective platform to share large amount of information and data in a very short period of time! A dream for marketers, advertisers and business owners.

4. Instagram

Instagram shouldn’t have been included in our 10 Year Challenge because its just 8 years old! However, due to the importance and fame it gained among people during the years, we definitely think it deserved to make the list. Oh, did you know? The first picture ever posted on instagram was of a dog from Mexico! The picture was taken near a taco stand by the CEO ad co-founder Kevin Systrom. Because who doesn’t love tacos and dogs?

5. Skype

Fun fact. Did you know that the initial name for Skype was actually Skyper? Apparently, the domains were already taken so they had to drop the final “r”. It connects people from 2003 and it keeps going stronger by the year!

evolution skype

How is that for a 10 year challenge! We hope you enjoyed our list and the evolution of the design of the apps we most love and use.

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