lowest prices on black friday

Don’t get fooled this year! Here is how you can get the Lowest Prices on Black Friday!

Discount’s Season is Coming. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and there are some nasty marketing strategies businesses apply to maximise their profits and lower the losses during this period.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know in order not to get scammed and get the best deals when shopping!

1. Make a List

First thing you need to do is to make a clear list a stick to it. This can get a bit hard, especially when you’re bombed with tons of newsletters from every website you’ve inserted your e-mail in when you were 15 yo.

Set your priorities straight and form a list with the products you want to buy. Don’t get in the mouse trap the marketers want you in because you can lose serious money. Some of the products may look discounted by 50% but in reality they are not. Therefore, if you do not have a list, you will spend too much time checking unnecessary products that may appear attractive.

2. Set a Budget

Stick to that list no matter what. If you don’t you may end up exceeding the budget you have and missing the offers on products you really needed over the one you just wanted.

The budget must be realistic. A best strategy can be to check the archives from the previous years on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaigns. Usually, companied tend to maintain the same percentages. Don’t expect a company to give you a 50% discount when the maximum they have ever given was 20%.

Prepare for the worst and expect the best, it’s Black Friday after all, good things happen!

3. Keep track of the Prices

Periodically check the prices online. A well known strategy businesses use is to increase the price of a product a month or two prior Black Friday and then Lowering it to the original one. Or lower it a bit more than the original but not even close to 50% as they advertise it.

The most secure way to do that is to keep track of the price fluctuation. If you see small increases a month before Black Friday, you’ll know how much they are actually reducing the price.

4. Use Websites to Compare the prices

Even on Black Friday there is a chance to find a product cheaper on other websites than the one you tracked. Check different websites to find the best deal on your products. The market is extremely competitive.

Let’s take an example: you want to buy a brand new TV. Don’t check only on Amazon for discounts, check on other local/national websites too and subscribe to their newsletters. All of them have Black Friday E-mail Campaigns. It’s a great way to target an interested audience. Keep an eye open on more than one website!

5. Use WebArchive is case you forgot to keep track of the prices.

Web Archive Machine is your friend here. Some websites have protection which is why we suggested you keep track on the items you really want. However if you get lucky and you forgot to keep that list, you can try and see if web archive machine indexed the page your product is displayed on.

You are now ready to go crazy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! But not too crazy…stick to the list! And also, subscribe to our newsletter below! We might also have surprise for you…shhh.