iOS Design vs Android Design

iOS Design vs Android Design | Which should you choose?

Have you ever wondered which is the best between iOS and Android Design? Well, you cannot really compare them because design is a matter of taste. However in this article we’ll go a bit through some ups and downs for each and will let you decide.

Therefore, make sure you let your choice in the comment section bellow!

iOS Design

The operating system Apple uses for its devices is one of the reasons people are still staying in their ecosystem. We know it is stable, it barely has any bugs and if it does, Apple usually solves them pretty quickly, or ignore them until people think they are a feature…

However, one of its perks, beside everything we spoke about earlier is its design. The iOS design is pretty unique and you can barely see anything that resembles.

The Design of every apple product is one thing, but the software is in a single word: clean. There aren’t a tone of useless decorations, weird shapes or some crazy outstanding colours. Everything you need is there, and everything you want, can be done, right?

Not quite. Many argue that iOS is not a great OS because it is not customisable. Indeed, there is no way you can state that iOS is a customisable as Android. But is that really a problem? Why would you want to change something that is working perfectly, looks clean and stunning and does its job flawlessly? Let us know in the comments!

Android Design

The Google Material Design is also used in Android OS. The design is known to be squared and robust, but there is no way it can be ugly! On contraire, it is absolutely gorgeous and it also does its job perfectly.

People like having their phones styled their way. That is a fact, and this is one of the reasons Android does have such appeal to its users. You can install apps that change your overall design and you can customise it however you want to. Therefore, if you are one of those people, Android is definitely for you!

Regarding design itself, beside the fact that you can easily customise it, Google Material Design is easy to recognise. On the opposite to iOS, the material design contains more squared elements. You will not see rounded corners. However, this is also very clean in its own way.

The Verdict

One of the major differences between the two is the way people navigate through each. The Android OS uses a drop-down menu where it lists the elements at one side of the screen, while the iOS uses a tab bar, located at the bottom of the screen.

They are definitely not the same, and the user interface of both affect the user experience directly. On one hand, there is iOS, does not allow you to customise the interface, but at the same time providing a super easy user experience that is favourable for many users, and on the other hand, there is Android, which allows you to customise it, compromising the simplicity of the design!

It is really up to you which one to choose! Tell us in the comments – which one do you prefer? iOS or Android?