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Sticky for iOS 15 – A Great Fit!

On May 19, 2021, Apple announced, through a press release on their Newsroom, new software updates designed for people with disabilities that will be available on May 20. It is also the first glimpse to the new iOS 15 that we’ll get and we see a striking similarity with Sticky! Which is absolutely amazing. Here’s what we know so far and what Sticky for iOS 15 means:

1. Inset Cells and Tables

One of the major changes that will be available in iOS 15 is the adoption of the card layout – or inset cells and tables, instead of edge-to-edge. This can be noticed in the Settings Menu, that will be similar to its appearance on iPadOS.

Here’s a comparison of the Settings cells on the iOS 14 and  on the iOS 15.

iOS 14 vs iOS 15

We see rounded corners, a clear contrast between the background and the main cards/cells and a striking resemblance to Sticky! We are extremely excited to see such change, as this means your mobile websites, PWAs or Apps that you build with Sticky will look impeccable on the new iOS 15:

2. Card based layout

It appears that not only the Settings menu will get an update, but the entire iOS system. We’re used to see card based layouts in AppStore, Notes and other apps from Apple, however, they tend to keep the containers that keep/show data flat. Not anymore! A lot more has been done to ensure a cohesive look between the apps and the less used side of the iOS settings.

3. Carousels

This is not new, as we see “cut carousels or sliders” in the AppStore, however we’re happy to see they are here to stay, as Apple plans to add/keep them in the new and existing apps. Fortunately, Sticky provides all types of sliders to make sure we meet all your needs!

4. Instant Articles with Big Titles

Is that an instant article? It sure looks like one! A full page article design can be seen in their announcement. It comes with a big title, topped by a subtitle and followed by a small description. 

Also, huge titles are a trend nowadays. They create a real impact for the users and can create a clear structure when used correctly. Apple is a pioneer for big titles – examples can be seen in the AppStore and also in their new announcement.

Nothing you cannot do with Sticky! We prepared the main canvas, you can be the artist!

5. Lists

This is just an in depth observation for the inset cells, but do those lists look familiar? Because Sticky provides a similar design! Now that is beautiful. Goodbye boring, edge-to-edge, never ending lists…welcome inset lists!

There are some advantages to use a card based layout. However, the most important one is the visual hierarchy and structure this method provides. It’s not only cleaner and eye-candy, but it creates a sense of stability. It’s just easier to follow along and find the menu you need!

Exciting News – Sticky for iOS 15

Sticky is definitely ahead of its time and this can be seen by the amount of happy customers it has, the amount of sales and the great reviews!

We are extremely excited to see the new iOS 15, as this is just a small hint used to showcase amazing community oriented features Apple provides for all people. We can not wait to see the full event, the full iOS 15 and the new ways you can use Sticky to match the overall feeling of your users’ iPhones!

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