Sticky – Travel App Template 

The brand new Sticky Travel App Template is here! New page templates to help you create your travel app or travel PWA in no time are available in Sticky Mobile. This pack has everything you need, and more. Let’s see the best pages and actions:

Homepage Templates for Holidays

Creating an appealing homepage to catch your users’ attention can be tricky. But not with Sticky! We’ve thought about every single component so you don’t have to. Just insert your amazing place images and you’re good to go.

There are 3 available homepage templates. Let us know in the comment section, which one is your favourite! 

3 Detail Page Templates to Describe the Destinations

Once you caught the users’ attention, you need to convince them to take a few days off and visit one of the destinations presented on your app or PWA. For this, we’ve prepared 3 unique detail pages that include amazing image placeholders, cards and test fields to make sure all the information is transmitted.

Cute icons, call to action buttons, feature listings and many more components are ready for you. You can also combine the components to create your own detail pages. The process is super easy, just copy and paste the component you like and voila, you’ve made the page you need!

Reservation Page with Form

The reservation page is where the conversion happens, so it needs to be good! We’ve created this page based on the best user experience a customer can have: no distractions and straight to the point!

A card with the chosen destination is at the top of the page to help users visualise their experience and the price of the vacation. The card is followed by the form your user needs to fill to complete the reservation. Simple, easy, elegant and to the point!

Grid, Lists and Tabs

The grid view is built using cards – the most effective way to present your offers. For each card, Sticky provides some amazing features such as offer banners, price and duration area, open positions, location and more. The images are in the centre of attention to make sure your users are absorbed!

Explore Sticky

The list view comes with many list styles. Depending on the amount of information you want to provide your users with, you can choose from 5 list styles! They all include images, but some of them come with attention grabbing small banners and even reviews. Check it out, which one would you choose?

The tabs are absolutely amazing! We love a well done tab because it lets the user navigate easily through the offers. And if you cannot decide which list you like better, you can include different styles for different tab window. You imagination is truly the limit with Sticky Travel!

Travel Actions for a Seamless Experience

A good app or PWA must have actions. They are great for user retention and it makes it more personal when the user interacts with your website, raising the chances of conversion. Therefore, we have prepared some amazing action sheets:

Is There More?

Of course, Sticky provides a wide variety of pages – over 270! You can include a walkthrough as a starter or a splash page, galleries and portfolios to gain more space to display images, profile pages for users’ profiles and tons and tons of other ready to use page templates.

If you have an amazing idea of what we should include in Sticky, please get in touch with us at Or stop by and say hi, we love interacting with you!

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