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Providing over 100 creative and beautiful ready built pages with powerful components to easily create your perfect Mobile Website or App.

  • PWA Ready
  • Bootstrap 4.5
  • Dark & Light Mode
  • Flexible Components
  • 30 Color Schemes Included
  • RTL Text Ready

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The Swiss Army Knife of  Mobile Kits & PWAS

Best Selling Mobile Kit & PWA

Many of you know and use Sticky Mobile for their projects and we cannot be happier. To be exact, Sticky is used by over 2.000 customers from around the world!

1.Code - Bootstrap 5.x & 4.5

A version for each idea!

In 2020 we’ve given Sticky the biggest update since its release – We converted it to Bootstrap! Since then, we made sure Sticky is always up to date and we’ve included the latest coding technologies to help you create even faster.

And then, Bootstrap 5 came along and we completely transformed Sticky into the most flexible Mobile Kit & PWA on the market. Sticky is built using Vanilla JavaScript with no jQuery dependency! It is now faster than ever before.

However,  what if you still want to use jQuery? You can! By “no jQuery dependency” we mean that  jQuery is not mandatory, but it is still compatible. Plus, you can always use the Bootstrap 4.5 version, as Sticky comes in both versions of Bootstrap. Amazing, right?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ flaresys

This is a well-designed app-template and works flawlessly. It’s also very well-documented as I’ve found the documentation, FAQ and even comments in the code to all be helpful in answering my questions and resolving issues. The addition of Bootstrap made this template even better.”

2.Functionality - Sticky is a PWA

Scan the QR Code and Enjoy Azures on your Mobile Device

PWAs gained traction and more and more people adopt them. This is why Sticky is a PWA! You can save Sticky to your mobile device’s home screen and explore it just like you would explore a native app!

It is absolutely stunning and we strongly recommend you check out Sticky on your device. The experience is seamless! You can transform your mobile website into a PWA in no time with Sticky.

Buy Now - $24

3. Flexibility - RTL

A Complete Solution for Your Project!

Sticky is highly flexible. It allows you to create pages in no time! All you have to do is just copy and paste components as you please and Sticky will do the rest. A truly powerful Mobile Kit & PWA.

Besides the amazing power comes great responsibility, so we have included the RTL version to make sure we meet all our customers’ needs. We’ve seen so many amazing implementations of the RTL version of Sticky, and we absolutely love all of them.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ jeffryroest

This template really offers it all. Great flexibility, code structure, customizability, features, support! Really helpful. Loving it!

4. Navigation - All Menu Styles

Scrollable Footer Menus, Sidebar Navigations and more!

The default navigation system for Sticky mobile is a beautiful footer menu combined with a gorgeous card based page where we’ve structured over 240 page templates and menus available.

The most amazing part? The footer menu provides infinite scrolling and comes in 5 styles to choose from. It is also super easy to create one: all you have to do is add the footer-bar-scroll class to your footer menu and add as many items as you want. Then simply swipe your finger across the footer menu to scroll.

Flexible, right? We’ve warned you!

The footer menu is clean, intuitive and suitable for most of the websites. But we didn’t want to limit your ideas and creativity! Therefore, we have included left and right sidebar navigation styles with different effects: Push, Over and Parallax!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ thewebwolf

Well i totally i’m not sure the reason to select for giving 5 stars basically because i can’t select all 🙂 . I’m totally satisfied with the product and the customer support.
It’s exactly as described and gives you lot of flexibility. gotten it for about 5 hours and I’m already a long way into my project because of it’s precise nature, clean code and verbose documentation.
wish I could code like this haha, ( I really don’t mind enrolling to your school if any :D)

5. Feature Availability

Sticky provides the biggest library of pages and features.

Over 240 Page Templates

Sticky is the most complete Mobile Kit & PWA on ThemeForest – the Swiss Army knife of Mobile Kits and PWAs. You can do everything with Sticky, from Financial websites to educational and events apps, Sticky has them all.

The basics are there to help you get started. Amazing walkthrough pages that come in different styles, log-ins, sign-ups, about us, contact, homepages and many more. But we made sure to include ready to use pages for all your needs. Check out the last point of this list to see all our ready to use packs.

100+ Reusable Components

Sticky provides hundreds of components that you can easily copy and paste them exactly where you need to create a page perfectly tailored for your needs. It’s that easy!

From accordions, to graphics, charts, action sheets, buttons, before & after, collapses, infographics and more, Sticky is full of components waiting for you to use them.

They are amazing, and we always add new ones!

Ready to Use Packs

We’ve mentioned before that you will find some amazing ready to use page templates for different uses. Here is a complete list of all packs available for Sticky up until now:

  • Commerce
  • Finance
  • Learning & Education
  • Task Management
  • Photography
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Content Pack
  • Events

We add new packs regularly! And, if you get Sticky, you benefit from FREE LIFETIME UPDATES! This means that you will be able to download the latest version of Sticky that comes with other amazing packs, pages or features for free.

40 Color Schemes

Branding is important, this is why it has never been easier to introduce your brand colours to Sticky! The choices are mind-blowing and the combinations of colours are endless. Here’s how it works:

Dark & Light: You can choose to use both light and dark modes and let your user choose which one fits best for them. Or you can take one out and don’t offer that option!

Highlight colours: Highlight colours offer a great impact on the overall design of Sticky. It compliments perfectly the background and the pictures, by adding a nice touch on icons, buttons and other elements to make sure we offer a cohesive feeling when exploring Sticky.

Background Gradients: Don’t like the white default background Sticky comes with? Don’t worry! There are some amazing gradient backgrounds you can choose from. Or maybe create your own…Sticky can handle it!

I have never, ever, got a template that is that easy to modify. Honestly, everything is taken care of. Everything was thought through. At least all the features i need are there. There is no 200 libraries that go into conflict with one another. A version of JQuery or Bootstrap that might break somehow your code. Nope, everything is compiled and there are 3 css lines, 3 JS lines. Done. – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  mrtouz


The Enabled family is huge and formed of dedicated customers who always offer us the most thoughtful feedback on what to add to our products. And we absolutely love that!

But we want to do more, we want to hear more amazing ideas - so we created a feedback form and we want to invite you to share your thoughts on our products here.

24/7 Support

Did you hit a bump in the road while working with Sticky? No worries, it happens! This is why we are always here to provide the best possible support and get your project up and running as soon as possible.

We always respond super fast, unless we sleep. However, the first thing in the morning we always reply to tickets!


Sticky's documentation is unmatched. Every single aspect is covered and explained in detailed to make sure you finish your project as fast as possible.

We've even included a FAQ section that we are continuously updating including the most frequent issues our customers have had in the past, so make sure you check that out as well

Sticky Mobile

Best Selling Mobile Kit & PWA

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