5 mobile pages must have on mobile website

5 Pages You Must Have on Your Mobile Website

Creating a mobile website can be hard. You have to summarise all the information you have on your main desktop website, you have to cut out information and decide how many pages you want on your mobile version.

To make thing easier for you, we want to share our expertise on this and maybe help you start better. Therefore, here are 5 pages/elements you must have on your mobile website. Those will cover up the user interface and will give your visitors a great user experience.

1. Landing Page / Homepage

It is commonly known that a landing page that scrolls down to your homepage can help decrease your bounce rate. It doesn’t have to be heavy coded in order to look good. Usually, most people use their logo and a form of salute to the visitors.

On one hand, it helps your website by distracting the attention of your website user until the rest of the pages are loaded. You can use as a landing page an AMP page. This also helps in displaying your website higher in google search results.

And on the other hand, it will improve the user experience. If you make a good first impression, the users will stay on your page longer and they will be more engaged.

Therefore, the first step is setting up a good looking landing page and a representative homepage!

2. About Us Page

One of the best selling strategies is gaining the trust of your buyer. Working in sales is not easy. You have to convince the buyers that your product or service is good! It is the same with having a website.

You may have heard about the purpose of each social media platform: Twitter is for professional matters, Facebook is for displaying your services and goods and Instagram is best used for giving your users a behind the scenes insight.

An “About Us” page can help you meet and have a short monologue with your users right on your website. Share some information about your company, team and a short history of the customers you have worked with.

Some testimonials  can also help. Share the opinions of other people that enjoyed your services or products. They may describe you more accurately than yourself!

3. Products / Services

After people got to know you better and trust you, now it is time to show what your website is really about. If your have something to sell, than maybe the name of this page should be “Shop” or “Store”. You may want to show pictures with your products. If so, make sure you don’t put three columns. Two is enough to display two products on one row. Otherwise, they will be too small to see without opening them.

If you sell services, it is a bit easier. You will use mostly text to describe each plan or each service. Don’t make it too crowded and let your text breathe!

4. Navigation menu

Two options are the best for you here. You either go for a Facebook like fixed, bottom menu (or on hidden on scroll bottom menu) – which is best if you have only five pages, or you go for a sidebar.

A sidebar is great because it is hidden most of the times and it doesn’t eat up any space on the screen when not activated. Moreover, you can shove in it anything you want, and if you have a tone of pages than this is the right choice for your website.

Read more about the types and styles of menus in our recent article here. 

5. Contact Page

Now that you have covered every important aspect in your mobile website it is time for your user to be able to contact you. Isn’t it annoying when you want to find out more about one company and there is no contact information on their website?

Well, your users will feel the same. You don’t really have to give your address if you sell online services for example, however make sure you give at leat one e-mail address. However, most noteworthy is the importance of an actual conversation. Update your contact information and answer the customers/users. Like this, you will build a strong professional relationship with them and you can bet they’ll come back for more.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be your entire website! However, these pages we have mentioned are an absolute must in order to provide the best user experience and to ensure the recurrence of your visits and significantly decrease your bounce rate!